How the Bham Now team is surviving social distancing

Are we surprised that Matthew, our Bham Now videographer, took this ~v artsy~ photo of his workspace? No, we’re not. And we love it. (Especially the lil Bham Now man making an appearance!)

Anyone else in need of a little pick-me-up? Here’s how the Bham Now team is surviving (and possibly thriving) during social distancing in Birmingham.

The Scoop on Social Distancing

If you’ve been on social media or watching the news recently, you’ve probably seen the term “social distancing”. The term simply refers to the act of increasing physical space between people to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Examples of “social distancing” include working from home, canceling events and mass gatherings, and staying six feet away from others when possible. The video above is a good visual example of how a single person choosing to practice social distancing can help flatten the curve.

Surviving Social Distancing: Bham Now Edition

Obviously, our team is incredibly privileged to be able to work remotely during this uncertain and scary time. We know not everyone has that option, and we are incredibly grateful to all of the first responders, nurses, volunteers and more who are continuing to go out and help others despite the dangers and risks they’re facing at this time.

Things are heavy. And we know we could all use a pick-me-up right now. Here are the things helping Bham Nowers survive social distancing. We hope you can, at the very least, get a laugh or a few ideas from our responses.

Wade | Sales Manager

Look! At! All! That! Green! Being in the open air is actually a good thing to do right now. Alone though. Do it alone. Like Wade!

“I’m not too mad about working from home because I got my good music playing and some blue skies and the ability to walk out on my deck and hang out for a couple minutes to breathe some fresh air.”

Hannah | Content Producer

Hi! It’s me. And my giant coffee mug (that my fellow Bham Nower, Beth, got me). Just trying to stay close to my Bham Now crew any way that I can at this point. It’s fine. I’m fine.

“It’s only been one day so far, but the coffee is flowing, good smelling candles are burning, and #QuarantineCats is trending on Twitter, so yes I’m surviving.

But it’s only a matter of time until I’m alphabetizing every book I own or rearranging my entire room. Stay tuned.”

Sharron | Managing Content Producer

Sharron stopped by Church Street Coffee today to support this small business in this scary time. She got a gift card, coffee and a funny video of Cal Morris doing the “coffee dance”. (See our Insta Story for that gem.)

“I stopped in to Church Street Coffee and Books this morning to grab a $50 gift card and some coffee… 🙂Also, we’re planning to plant some daffodils.”

Patience | Content Producer

“With school, work and homework etc., we can’t spend nearly enough time together. So we are pretty happy at our house (right now that is haha) to have the chance to spend some extra time together. We needed it.

Cats, coffee and disinfectant for the work at home win.”

Chaise | Content Producer

Honestly, Chaise knows how to create a serene social distancing work situation. Water, coffee, plants, AND an essential oil diffuser? I’m taking notes.

“How am I surviving? Well, I’m not. One day of social distancing and I’m about to go bonkers. I might go take a walk at Railroad Park just to get my blood flowing. My essentials include: coffee (lots of it), my discover weekly spotify playlist to keep my music from getting stale, eucalyptus spray, and my plants! 

TikTok is my go-to right now. It’s a blessing and a curse. As for comfort food, I’ve eaten a whole thing of blackberries and my snacks are already dwindling. That’s all! Thanks for coming to my ted talk :)”

Matthew | Multimedia Producer

Are we surprised that Matthew, our Bham Now videographer, took this ~v artsy~ photo of his workspace? No, we’re not. And we love it. (Especially the lil Bham Now man making an appearance!)

“I’m actually losing my mind in here. I need people and action for motivation and inspiration, and I miss my team. But good tunes and coffee help. I’m also stocked up on deer meats and canned goods so I shouldn’t go hungry during this time. “

Beth | Content Producer

Chips and salsa for the win. Always.

“Tbh the thing we would always eat during hurricanes at home was chips and salsa which is so weird but stores just never run out of it 😂 so that’s what I always buy when storm prepping (which is what this feels like to me).”

Pat Byington | Content Producer

Pat’s looking pretty comfy in his house slippers. He knows how to social distance like a pro.

“I am staying home watching videos of the Jefferson County Commission and City of Birmingham declare a state of emergency. My 16 year old daughter, Whitney is home writing a term paper.

As you can see in the photo, I’m pretty comfortable. House is pretty chilly as you can tell.”

Taylor | Content Producer

This photo is a MOOD. Fresh air, shades, beads, a frozen drink… It’s what we all need.

“My son kicking off his three-week hiatus from daycare at The Rougaroux.”

Irene | Content Producer

Does it count as work if you’re sitting in a hammock? Asking for a friend.

“I knew I wasn’t going to see anyone this week, or for a while probably, so I finally cut my own bangs. I’m also spending as much time outside as possible while still social distancing + eating chocolate covered almonds. :)”

Sheila | Content Producer

It looks like Sheila isn’t running out of food anytime soon… Just kidding. But you never know!

“I’m out in the yard, listening to the songbirds and pulling weeds-that if need be-are big enough to make a decent side salad.”

Gabi | Account Executive

The CUTEST distraction!

“I’m really enjoying working from home and enjoying the solitude. What’s helping me survive from a work perspective is maintaining a schedule! Getting up regularly, time blocking, etc. My kitties, Danny and Netflix help me survive otherwise. 😸

Nathan | Content Producer

“Definitely music! I’m also taking this time to learn how to cook better.”

We’re all in this together, Birmingham.

Stay safe and up to date out there, and let us know how you’re surviving social distancing on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

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