6 things I’ve learned about working at home with cats + check out these Birmingham kitties

Birmingham, Magic City Kitties, cats
Copper is ready to get weird. Photo via Chelsea Gabrelle

Having a cat or two while working from home can be a bit of a challenge. To make sure your workflow keeps…well…flowing, here are six things I’ve learned about working from home with cats.

1. You’ll wish cat naps were for humans

IMG 1401 6 things I’ve learned about working at home with cats + check out these Birmingham kitties
I want to sleep like a cat! Photo by Patience Itson for Bham Now

When that alarm sounds bright and early each work day, one thing is always painfully clear—you definitely needed more sleep. 

And while you drag yourself out of bed and to your desk through tired yawns, what is the cat doing? Curling up in the warm spot you left behind in your bed and stealing those extra zzz’s you needed. 

Birmingham, Magic City Kitties, cats
Delta has all the floor. Photo via Penny Goodwyn

But while you probably feel super jealous that you can’t curl up and snooze the day away, there is one good thing about your cat being such an amazing sleeper—no interruptions while working. At least for a few hours.

2. You’ll have to share your food

Birmingham, Magic City Kitties, cats
Leggo my Eggo. Photo by Jacob Apol via Magic City Kitties Facebook group

Are you used to grabbing a bite to eat with co-workers during lunch? Well, now that you’re working from home you’ll have a new buddy to eat with—your cat. Although this one may not be as polite.

No matter how quietly I open my fridge door and ever-so-silently pop the lid to a turkey container so I can make a sandwich, I can guarantee one of my cats will awake from a near-dead slumber and beg for a taste. 

To stop those marble-sized eyeballs from boring holes through me or a paw slap straight to my sandwich, half of my turkey ends up going to the cat. 

What’s yours is theirs, right?

Birmingham, Magic City Kitties, cats
Uh oh, spaghettio! Noah. Photo via Tracy Street Ippolito

Other sounds that will guarantee a cat dining partner:

  • Can openers.
  • Crinkly bags that mimic cat treat containers.
  • Chewing. 

As you can see, when it comes to cats, nothing is off limits.

3. You’ll need to cater to their demands

Birmingham, Magic City Kitties, cats
What are you still doing home, hooman? Biscuit. Photo via Laura Nadell

If you’re new to working from home, your routine isn’t the only one that will be shaken up. Your cats will, too. So expect to cater to your kitties ever-arising demands. 

For example, make sure the door to the room they typically nap in remains open. Otherwise, your work flow will be interrupted by the sound of angry paw stomps, howls of “let me in!” and naughty behavior like furniture scratching. 

4. You’ll feel less stressed

How many times have you wished your cat was at work with you? Well, when you work at home, they’ll be there every moment of the day. 

Yes, they may fight your keyboard for your attention. Sure, they may nose and head boop you right when you’re in the middle of something. But having them there with you throughout the day will help lower your stress level when work gets overwhelming.

Birmingham, cats
Photo by Sheila McCallum for Bham Now

So enjoy the nose boops and head bonks. They’ll definitely brighten your day. And if you’re wondering where your pen went, there’s a good chance your cat stole it.

5. You can expect some shenanigans

Birmingham, Magic City Kitties, cats
It’s time to throw down… cat style. Photo via Mallory Kane

In true cat fashion, you can be sure to expect lots of furry shenanigans while you work at home.

  • Bent or broken shades from a too-aggressive bird hunt through the window.
  • Cat fur tumble weeds blowing across your desk because… cats.
  • The sounds of a cat throwing up as they run through the house to find the “perfect spot” for it.

But, really, would you have it any other way? I think not.

6. You’ll wish you were a cat

Birmingham, cats
When chilling is your full-time job. Photo via Stephanie Betsch

One thing you’ll realize when working from home with cats is that being human won’t seem all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, you’ll go from thinking cats are cool to wishing you actually were one.

As you try to stay on task and accomplish your lengthy list of must-dos, you’ll realize just how much you have to do each and every day, and just how little they have to. 

Sleep. Eat. Pretending to see invisible bugs on the ceiling just to flip their human out. Now that’s a daily list you could totally accomplish. 

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Birmingham, Magic City Kitties, cats
Paws up, tongue out. It’s play time. Photo via Mary Chromek

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