Honey, I shrunk the Magic City! A guide to all things tiny in Birmingham.

Would you believe this tiny truck is one of the biggest things on the list? Photo via Kristen Pender Photography.

Anyone else a fan of those tiny cooking shows on Instagram? It’s universal that practically everything is cuter when it’s smaller and Birmingham has that trend in the bag. From bars to houses, Birmingham is growing bigger by getting smaller.

1. Magic City Mini Bar

First of all, a traveling bar sounds like something I made up in my dreams. But, the fact that it’s miniature? Outstanding. The vintage tiny car, named Bonita, rolls its way to your special event whether it’s a wedding, birthday or a regular Tuesday night and you feel like celebrating.

2. @ispythemagic on Instagram

You’ve heard of tiny houses, now get ready for even tinier houses. These little gems are scattered throughout Homewood. You can spot them around some of your favorite businesses like Shea Davis Boutique and Homewood Toy & Hobby Shop.

A local artist (the maker is a mystery) started building the houses after a trip to Asheville, NC. Now they’re at least 8 around Homewood. Another fun tidbit is each house comes with the most adorable game of ispy—just check out the artists’ Insta.

3. SmallBox Company

Would you work out of a shipping container? Probably not normally, unless it was one of SmallBox Company’s aesthetically pleasing ones. You’ve seen people use this business all over Birmingham—like at Upswing across from the Pizitz.

One of the coolest parts about SmallBox is it allows entrepreneurs to build their brand and helps Birmingham businesses expand. A lot of the businesses such as Birmingham Candy and Trove were once SmallBoxers.

4. Micro-Unit Housing

micro-unity housing
A rendering of The Railyard, an upcoming micro-unit development on Rotary Trail. Rendering via Creature.

Birmingham has its share of people who like to live small, from tiny houses to RV campers. However, coming soon is one of Birmingham’s first micro-housing units in Southside, by architectural firm Creature

The Railyard is an apartment complex building 350-square-foot units in a prime location, for a lower cost. Haven’t you ever watched House Hunters? It’s all about location, location, location.

5. Wild Honey Flower Truck

Wild Flow Honey Truck is a tiny in Birmingham
Josh and Kelsey Sizemore, owners of Wild Honey Flower Truck. Photo via Wild Honey Flower Truck

Birmingham’s favorite flower truck might be small, but it brings a big amount of joy with it. It doesn’t take a huge space to bring the quality like Wild Honey Flower does. Be sure to follow the duo on Instagram and Facebook to see where the truck is stationed next.

6. Birmingham’s Tiniest Environmentalist – The Watercress Darter

A mural of tiny fish, Tiny in Birmingham, Alabama
Watercress darter mural across from East Lake United Methodist Church. Photo via Pat Byington.

These little guys are only the size of your pinky. However, they are the cause of a big call to action regarding spring and creek restoration in Birmingham. He’s found nowhere else on earth so naturally, his biggest fans are right here in Birmingham.

Why is he the face of the clean water movement in our community? Clean, fresh springs bring happy darters with them and therefore reflect signs of healthy natural resources in Birmingham.

7. Tiny Weddings Bham

Who says bigger is better when it comes to weddings? The stress of a 100+ person wedding can be one of the reasons couples decide to elope and skip the hassle. However, Tiny Weddings Bham offers the perfect solution: a cozy, intimate wedding that’s just as beautiful and (probably) more fun than a large-scale event.

Described as a “fancy elopement,” the Tiny Wedding team provides a just-add-water experience. No muss, no fuss, no planning and you get a dreamy little wedding at a lower cost and with less stress.

8. Mini Vulcans on Parade

Millennial slang article
Major heart eyes for Vulcan at the Pizitz. Photo via Bham Now.

We love seeing these little dudes strut all over Birmingham. If you’re new to the city, you might not have had a chance to visit all (now) 12. They’re posted up around spots like Railroad Park, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Magic City Dentistry.

These Vulcans are designed by local artists and are just as unique as each location they’re stationed at. How many have you spotted?

Honorable mention: The itty bitty inn

A tiny inn in Birmingham
If I was small enough I’d totally spend the night here. Photo via Bham Now.

I spotted this miniature haven walking in my neighborhood the other day and audibly gasped. I wonder what the rent is like on this place?

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