KonMari dropouts, rejoice! Birmingham organizers are here to help

girl 1531575 1920 KonMari dropouts, rejoice! Birmingham organizers are here to help
Clutter got you flustered? Do yourself a favor and call a pro. Photo via Pixabay

Marie Kondo’s recent breakout Netflix series Tidying up with Marie Kondo is inspiring to watch, it really is. It’s a little harder to implement IRL.

KonMari Sparking Joy? No?

If your house looks more like an episode of Hoarders than the finished product of a KonMari cleansing, it might be time to put down the boxes and call a professional.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any official KonMari consultants in the state of Alabama as of yet.  However, there are several professional organizers in Birmingham ready to help straighten your space. Chances are they won’t insist you fold your shirts like little burritos, either.

The path to mastering the art of tidying up is paved with good intentions – too bad the path is often too cluttered to finish the journey.

Check out these professional organizers in Birmingham:

clothes hangers 582212 1920 KonMari dropouts, rejoice! Birmingham organizers are here to help
First step? The closet. Time to toss those jeans you bought in 2007. Photo via Pixabay

Margot Kelley Organizationalist

Margot is located in Mountain Brook and specializes in decluttering and home organization. If you’ve ever drowned yourself in a sea of moving box and paper, you’ll be happy to know Kelley also offers home sale prep and moving services. Visit her website here.

Space Cadet Organizing

Kim McBrayer is a space designer and organizer in Birmingham whose services range from brainstorming sessions to full home overhauls. She’s also a motivational speaker on the subject, so be sure to check out her speaking engagement services! Visit her website here.

interior 768526 1920 KonMari dropouts, rejoice! Birmingham organizers are here to help
Professional organizers can help decide what to toss and what should stay. Photo via Pixabay

Organize with Lia

Lia Brady is a professional organizer in Birmingham specializing in both residential and commercial work. She also offers online assistance for those with busy schedules; skype, phone calls and email coaching are all options when working with Lia! Visit her website here.

Kempt Professional Organizing

Carrie is located in Hoover and specializes in both creating DIY plans for her customers to complete home organization jobs. Not only will Carrie plan, buy needed tools and implement the process, she’ll also carry away your discarded goods for trash or donation. You can check her out here.

Do you have a favorite professional organizer here in Birmingham? Let us know!

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