Pepper Place to be Birmingham’s next designated entertainment district

Have you heard the big news buzzing around Birmingham? Pepper Place has officially been approved as a designated entertainment district. The decision was made on Tuesday, January 15 after a 9-0 vote by the Birmingham City Council.

What is a Designated Entertainment District?

Basically, a designated entertainment district is a farewell to the city’s prohibition against drinking alcohol in public. In other words—you can take your alcoholic beverage to go and carry it around the Pepper Place district with you. That should make mornings at The Market and nights at The Lumbar much more fun, don’t you think?

A Look at Pepper Place

Pepper Place—one of Birmingham’s most beloved districts—boasts over 350,000 square feet. Once made up of manufacturing facilities, the district was transformed by Sloss Real Estate into a creative and bustling marketplace with inspire businesses, shops and restaurants. Some include:

  • The Market
  • Cantina Tortilla Grill
  • Ovenbird
  • Hop City
  • The Red Cat

The Pros of Entertainment Districts

So why is Pepper Place becoming a designated entertainment district good news for Birmingham?

The purpose of entertainment districts is to create a sense of community via socialization and in some cases, a central gathering spot for the city. As an entertainment district, Pepper Place will support existing businesses and encourage new development. And we all know that Birmingham has been undergoing a whole lot of new development over the past several years.

According to Sloss Real Estate, their vision for Pepper Place is to connect downtown adjacent neighborhoods through a sense of purpose and community.

“We believe that by Pepper Place becoming an entertainment district, tenants will see increased foot traffic and sales, and the area will become an even more popular destination for both locals and visitors alike.”

Tom Walker, Chief Operating Officer, Sloss Real Estate

Walker also stated that Sloss Real Estate wants to continue investing in Pepper Place to create an engaging, inspiring destination for the Birmingham community.

More Entertainment Districts to Come to Birmingham

Pepper Place is the first to join the list of Birmingham entertainment districts for 2019. (Uptown became Birmingham’s first official designated entertainment district in 2015). But there are more districts hoping to join the list this year, including Five Points South and Avondale.

For this to happen, at least four restaurants or bars in each area must sign up to be in the entertainment district. Currently, both 5 Points South and Avondale are still in the application process.

What do you think of Pepper Place becoming a designated entertainment district?

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