No dieting necessary, simple tips for a healthier 2018 in Birmingham

hydrate No dieting necessary, simple tips for a healthier 2018 in Birmingham
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After spending time with family and friends, watching Alabama and Auburn bowl games and eating all those holiday goodies, it might be time to jump back in to a healthy routine. There are some simple ways to do just that. Check out these Birmingham healthy meal options, and our tips to start 2018 on a healthy foot.

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Say NO to dieting!

Forget about counting calories, or measuring portions. Instead of dieting, think about a clean lifestyle; it works for everyone. You might just find that you have more energy, a little more zest, and a happy body to start the New Year off with.

Are you drinking enough water?
  1. Hydrate Your Body

Apparently when we think we’re tired or hungry, we are often just dehydrated. The eight glasses a day adage isn’t actually necessary. We all need a different amount of hydration. Start your day with a big glass of cool water, then every hour try to drink some water.

Fresh veggies and fruits and even hot tea provide hydration when you aren’t drinking water. If plain water is boring add a squeeze of lime or lemon, or a few slices of cucumber to your glass.

Clean diet
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2.Try a plant-based breakfast.

Maybe you are already a full plant-based eater. I’m not, and doubt I ever will be, but swapping your meat-based or egg-based morning meal is a way to clean up your intake. With so many options available, breakfast might be the one meal you can make plant-based.

heart health foods No dieting necessary, simple tips for a healthier 2018 in Birmingham
Heart healthy, clean living.

Eating a diet full of living foods actually gives us more energy, by putting more vitamins, minerals and nutrients into our bodies. Make sure there is a protein component, like almonds, or other nuts. Great options include:oatmeal,quinoa, cereal, homemade granola with some plant-based yogurt, and of course coffee and tea.


There are a couple of meal delivery services that will ship meals directly to your door that are organic, gluten-free, and can even be vegan.

One is Fresh & Lean. According to their website the same dollar amount spent eating fast food in one day: 27.99, will result in an intake of 1555 calories with Fresh & Lean versus a whopping 4321 calories consumed if you spent that amount on fast food!  Take a look at this national company’s menus and plans…looks like some good stuff!

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Chef Bob is a local Birmingham catering company that has been creating yummy southern specialties for over 25 years. They developed a great healthy meal plan, after the owners personally faced some health issues. Chef Bob and his wife Darlene created Fit2Eat seven years ago. Their family lost 300 lbs!

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Chef Bob’s detailed program is found on their website; basically a menu consisting of lunch and dinners for Monday-Friday is emailed out to members. If they accept the menu, healthy, fresh meals that focus on nutricious content and portion control are ready for pick up at 2209 Lakeshore Drive (inside First Baptist Church of Birmingham.)

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  1. Lower Your SOS

There are three things in our diets that rob our energy and can make us old and ugly; sugar, oil and salt! It’s not the natural sugars that occur in fruit, grains and nuts, it’s that added sugar. So go easy. It’s hard, but once you start cutting back it gets easier and easier.

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We know salt isn’t a great thing for those with high blood pressure, and salt often masks the flavor of our food anyway. Oils should come from avocados, olives, and nuts. The less processed oils we consume the better.

Birmingham has several organic markets, and health food stores. Do a Google search and find one near you. Whole Foods is a good place to start, and there are organic options at every local grocery store. Aldi has organic produce and sugar-free options.

  • Whole Foods, two locations in the area, 3100 Cahaba Village Plaza, Birmingham, AL and 3780 Riverchase Village

  • Earth Fare, 3230 Galleria Circle, Hoover, AL.

  • Fresh Market, with two locations at 4700 Hwy. 280, Birmingham, AL and 549 Brookwood Village, Homewood, AL.

  • Organic Harvest, 1580 Montgomery Highway, Hoover, AL.

  • Sprouts Farmer’s Market, 5265 US Hwy. 280, Birmingham, AL

If you want to investigate lowering your SOS, and find some really great alternatives check out

The Alabama Farmers Market, 344 Finley Ave West Birmingham. This market is the real deal, open year round, indoor and open air. This non-profit market has been around since 1921 and has a membership of 207 growers.  The Alabama Farmers Market has members from as far north as Limestone County, to as far south as Geneva County. What a great afternoon out for you and your family!

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Shop for local poduce.

Organic Harvest, Birmingham’s premier, family owned organic market and café. They have offered top quality service, organic produce, and exceptional values to Birmingham’s health-conscious community for over 10 years. They offer a deep choice of the highest quality nutritional supplements. Visit their Facebook page for tons of coupons!

organic harvest e1514681576834 No dieting necessary, simple tips for a healthier 2018 in Birmingham
Bham’s own Organic Harvest. Via-

Their expanded café proudly serves all-natural food, deli meats, juices and smoothies. Organic Harvest’s staff is really into it! Educated and knowledgeable, they’re available to help guide customers, and can answer most any of your questions. 1580 Montgomery Hwy #12, Hoover, AL


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  1. Clean Up The Kitchen

Ok, so it’s not spring yet, and who wants to undertake a complete kitchen pantry purge? Well, it might be a great way to start fresh. Set up your kitchen for success!

Donate unopened packages to a local food bank. Just throw away all the other high calorie, super sweetened snacks, and leftovers. Wipe out the fridge, and start fresh.

Clean diet

Maybe use one of those gift cards for a new water-purifier pitcher and some new glass refrigerator food containers. If you can afford it this year, consider buying yourself a high-speed blender such as a Blendtec, Nutribullet, or Vitamix. Smoothie anyone?

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5. Get outside, move your body and then sleep well at night!

And don’t forget to get outside and take a walk.  Join a gym, take up yoga, enlist an exercise buddy, or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Try to get a full night’s sleep…then repeat, daily, until it does indeed become a lifestyle.

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Our tips are based on our opinion and not meant to replace medical advice.  Remember to always check with your doctor before starting any diet or exercise regime.
What are some of your favorite ways to refresh your lifestyle after the holidays? Share your tips with Bham Now.



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