This week in Birmingham: New Year’s edition!

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Meet String Theory! – via

My family has a Christmas tradition: bacon and orange rolls for breakfast.  That leaves us all feeling a little woozy from the sugar high, but we still love it!  If you’re looking to recover from your own Christmas tradition, check out this week’s guide to what’s going on in Birmingham!

Deck the ‘Ham
birmingham art crawl
You’ll probably want more than just a shirt to go art-spotting this time of year – via
  • December 28th
  • Downtown
  • Free!

Have you found the best window display in Birmingham?  Tell the world – post a photo of it on instagram and use #DeckTheHam to vote.  You can only vote through December 30th, so hurry!  Winners are announced January 4th at Art Crawl.  Read more


Bubbles pre-NYE tasting

4f0f66c8e4e6e66214601889e95e99ab This week in Birmingham: New Year's edition!

  • December 28th @5PM
  • Hop City
  • No cover listed

Worried about what to drink on New Year’s Eve?  Quit worrying and start taste testing.  Hop City will offer samples of beer and wine that match your party, early enough that you’ll be able to stock up.  Read more


Drinks n’ Dungeons

6687eb370d3cf5f4695c062bf87fe312 This week in Birmingham: New Year's edition!

  • December 29th @7PM
  • Syndicate
  • No cover listed, $5 buy-in for an official game

DnD, Settlers of Catan, who knows what else will be at Syndicate this week?  Beer and tabletop games really can’t go wrong unless you try.  Read more


String Theory
string theory birmingham alabama
Remember that one NOVA episode that APT used to overplay? Yeah, this is nothing like that show – via
  • December 29th @7.30PM
  • Moonlight on the Mountain
  • $15

Six conservatory trained musicians return to Birmingham, playing everything from Brubeck to Radiohead.  The string quartet felt too limiting, these six musicians decided to play what they wanted.  Is it your thing?  Listen and find out!  Read more


Cowboy Mouth

ec109b6829856f4d1820fa5606f5b38f 1 This week in Birmingham: New Year's edition!

  • December 29th @8PM
  • WorkPlay
  • $17-20
  • “Rock & roll gumbo” makes these guys sound a lot more country than their music really is.  Louisiana rock veterans Cowboy Mouth have played more than 2,500 concerts, and it shows in their energy.  See what twenty years of honing New Orleans rock leads to at WorkPlay!  Read more


Black Jacket Symphony Orchestra plays American Beauty

4f222791ca18c10b8769be961bbf1491 This week in Birmingham: New Year's edition!

  • December 29th @8PM
  • Iron City
  • $30

Someday, we’ll find a band that BJS can’t play well.  Maybe.  Watch them conquer Bohemian Rhapsody, and get hyped for Grateful Dead!  Read more


birmingham alabama tournament
This totally-real card somehow fits both tournaments at once! Ripped straight from angeloffreedom’s deviantart. Yeah. We’re going back in time
  • December 31st @2.30PM
  • Card Addicts
  • $5 entry

Think you’re good at Dragon Ball Super or (no, seriously) Yugioh?  “That’s right, we’re going back to 2005 for our final tournament of the year!”  Read more here and here for info on the two tourneys


SuperPOPS! New Year’s Eve Concert

b79788947e1a377580b5c3641269e8fb 1 This week in Birmingham: New Year's edition!

  • December 31st @6PM
  • Alys Stephens Center
  • $40-80

It’s our annual toast to a happy, healthy and musical new year, now in the sparkling acoustics of UAB’s Alys Stephens Center! Alongside favorites by Johann Strauss II, we’ll perform some popular hits from around the world, and a few classics from the American Songbook. The evening wouldn’t be complete without our yearly champagne toast!  Read more


3rd Annual Circus of Love
birmingham alabama trimtab
Someone’s gotta outdo these costumes. Show us yours? – via facebook
  • December 31st @8PM
  • TrimTab
  • No cover!

“LIVE MUSIC, FREAKS, SURPRISES” should really tell you everything you need to know.  Dress up as whatever you think of when you think of circuses, glitz, or glamor, and send off 2017 with a bizarre bang.  Read more


Neon Electric NYE Dance Party
birmingham alabama iron city
Needs more jpeg?
  • December 31st @9PM
  • Iron City
  • Starts at $90 (unless you’re the DD)

“Open bar,” “balloon drop,” Neon Electric, and “unnecessary quotation marks” (one of these may not be an official offering).  Hang out in style with one of the best pop shows in America and their multimedia dance set.  Read more


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