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Here is your newest one to get involved with. Vote for the Bham Botanical Gardens as Alabamas “largest living museum”.

Century Plaza Has Prospective Buyer

Once the booming place to shop – and disco dance – Century Plaza has been vacant since 2009 suffering from the opening of newer, shinier malls like Hover’s Galleria.  But now, a prospective buyer, New Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church, might come to the rescue.  The owner is seeking to sell for $7M and the deal is currently in review.

by Joe Songer,
by Joe Songer,

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Birmingham Luxury Home Market Growing

Like many industries in Birmingham, the luxury home market is in an evolving state.

With every thing happening down town… the luxury buyers kinda migrate back that way. You are seeing really hot markets in Forest Park Redmont area for instance, is one area that’s really hot…

-Ty West, Editor, Birmingham Business Journal

Ty says that all the companies moving on and close to 280 are building some sort of mini city centers. On the same page, down town is growing rapidly with development plans geared toward the massive open stadium and other luxury options.

Hopefully this will promote major housing growth in the area.

March in Birmingham to push for Civil Rights National Park

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington, Birmingham residents will march from the A.G. Gaston Motel to Kelly Ingram Park on Sunday, August 28th at 6:00pm. The march hopes to garner support for legislation that would create a Civil Rights National Park in the city known most for its crucial role in the Civil Rights Movement.

There will also be a performance by soul artist, Ledisi, at Kelly Ingram Park.

Learn more and register for the event here.


#WWVD Red Mountain Park Needs Our Help – Here’s How!

David Dionne, Executive Director, Red Mountain Park
David Dionne, Executive Director, Red Mountain Park

If you haven’t been hiking, biking or zip lining at Red Mountain Park, then you need to!  According to its website:

“Red Mountain Park encompasses 1,500 acres of land along the Red Mountain Ridge in central Alabama. The Park is central to Birmingham and its surrounding diverse communities.

Our current attractions include over 15 miles of trails featuring 2 city overlooks, 3 tree houses, the 6-acre off-leash Remy’s Dog Park, and adventures like the Vulcan Materials Zip Trip and Kaul Adventure Tower. But this is only the beginning.”

But according to David Dionne’s, Executive Director, recent blog in  Combacktown, Red Mountain Park is in desperate need of our financial support now.  Let’s show them some Bham Now love.

Donate to Red Mountain Park Here.


#Lottery Bill Passes Senate – Heads to House!

On Friday, the Alabama Senate approved Governor Bentley’s lottery bill with important amendments in a vote of 21 to 12.  The amendments include directing 10% of revenues to the Education Trust Fund and $100M to fund Medicaid instead of all going to the General Fund.  The bill will now go to the State House of Representatives.  If passed, the lottery bill will go up for citizen vote on November 4.

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Fall is Right Around the Corner #bham

Let’s be honest, Fall is on everyone’s mind right now.

In a state where we really know the true meaning of 4 seasons, I am confident that Fall is very much-anticipated.





You may be asking, “but what am I to do now? Summer’s over, work’s in overdrive, school’s in session, and the festivals have come and gone. Heck! Even the Barons season is coming to an end.”

Well I’m glad you asked! Here is your guide to having a successful Fall in Birmingham.

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