Project Pinball places first machine in Alabama—learn why it matters

Project Pinball founder Daniel Spolar and others pose with the new pinball machine at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama
The new pinball machine at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama. (Brianne Denley)

The Project Pinball Charity dedicated a Road Show pinball machine to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama yesterday, June 8th. The machine will be a therapeutic and fun opportunity that will hopefully benefit patients, parents and caregivers alike. Keep reading for more details.

What is Project Pinball?

Project Pinball founder Daniel Spolar teaches how to use the new pinball machine
Project Pinball Founder Daniel Spolar demonstrates how to use the new machine. (Brianne Denley)

Project Pinball Charity donates pinball machines to Children’s hospitals across the nation in an effort to bring recreational relief to patients and doctors alike. The charity also provides equipment, supplies and parts as well as regular maintenance at no cost to the hospital. These machines work well in a hospital setting, keeping patients active and mobile while also providing vital entertainment.

Why this matters for Alabama

Project Pinball founder Daniel Spolar
Daniel Spolar, founder of Project Pinball Charity. (Brianne Denley)

This is the first time Project Pinball has donated a machine in Alabama, and it is due in part to the amazing work done by Ronald McDonald House.

“When Project Pinball first heard about Ronald McDonald House Charities, we were really impressed with how they have a unique way to help kids and families. We wanted to do something special for them so, in turn, they could keep doing incredible things for others. This will be the first pinball machine to be placed for Project Pinball in Alabama! We are thankful for this opportunity to do such impactful things with pinball.”

-Daniel Spolar, Founder of Project Pinball Charity

Learn more about Ronald McDonald House

3 children playing with the machine donated by Project Pinball
RMHCA families can now play with the new pinball machine. (Brianne Denley)

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama provide comfortable places to stay for families of children who are receiving medical treatment at Children’s of Alabama and UAB Hospital. These accommodations are free of cost and families also receive care and support from RMHCA staff and other families in residence. The addition of a pinball machine from Project Pinball will only add to the warm, hospitable atmosphere RMHCA prides itself on.

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