What’s Next Birmingham?

Innovation Week

August 19-28

The summer is always busy for Birmingham. Music festivals, tech conferences, hanging out in local breweries, shopping in Pepper Place’s multiple vendors.  There is so much going on, you would think the city never sleeps. Well in fact, it does sleep, but while awake, its creating innovation like the city has never seen before. There ought to be a time to show case the opportunities Birmingham has and the magic it can produce for business to the millennial looking to move south.

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SlossTech, a Win for Birmingham

Birmingham is becoming a city for millennials, serial entrepreneurs, investors, and nerds, and they all met up yesterday, on July 15, at the first every SlossTech fest at the Lyric Theater.

TechBirmingham and Telegraph Creative, the companies that headed up SlossTech, work hard to have Birmingham recognized as a city where magic happens for business owners. With the immense amount of property space, low cost of living, and a growing tech scene, the Magic City has many opportunities to shine for business of all types.

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Innovation Depot: Changing the Birmingham Area One Tech Startup at a Time

Within downtown Birmingham, there are hundreds of technology startups working to add value in the industry for the Magic City. The leader of this effort is the Innovation Depot. With over 100 companies, large and small, it is home to many of Birmingham’s entrepreneurs and professionals.

“Take a peek at the future of Birmingham: http://bit.ly/28TrimJ #RiseoftheRest @bhammag @devonlaney”

Birmingham: Bursting with Potential

Birmingham is booming, but is it getting noticed? As a 21 year old native of the Birmingham area, I have seen a lot of change happen in mid Alabama suburbia from 280 construction, to new restaurants popping up, to the Grandview Hospital taking years to complete. It wasn’t until I started college at Samford University that I really noticed the metro city area.

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