This local nonprofit helps people recover from addiction—here’s how


The Foundry Ministries
Josh is excited to be able to serve others and God. (Sabrina Palmer / Bham Now)

It’s often hard, if not impossible, to find a way out of addiction if you’re battling it alone. The Foundry Ministries knows the only way to overcome addiction is to have others extending helping hands. Read Kimberly Ann and Josh’s incredible stories and find out how you can help more people change their lives.

Lives are extraordinarily changed at The Foundry

Taking the first step towards recovery can be hard, which is where The Foundry steps in. For over 50 years, this ministry has helped people struggling with addiction make a total 180 through their life-change programs. By providing a safe haven and the resources to heal and thrive, Kimberly Ann and Josh are just a couple of the many participants who found incredible restoration at The Foundry.

Learn how you can help The Foundry in their mission to help those with substance use disorder.

Kimberly Ann’s story

The Foundry Ministries
Kimberly Ann is filled with hope for her future. (Sabrina Palmer / Bham Now)

Growing up in the presence of addiction, Birminghamian Kimberly Ann thought this was her only path. At 15 years old, she started using marijuana, which only led to more. Then, her grandmother—her one, true parent—passed away, which caused Kimberly Ann to spiral further into substance use. She never thought getting clean was possible until she was brought to The Foundry when she was found sleeping behind the Church of Highlands.

“Before The Foundry, I knew there was a God, but I doubted. Coming to The Foundry, it just changed for me. I feel loved now that I know God and he’s shaping me into the person that I am today.”

Kimberly Ann, Life-change program graduate, The Foundry Ministries

Kimberly Ann now has hope and a future. She knows she can be more than who she was on the streets, living the life she thought was her only choice. Today, she’s doing what she loves—working with animals as a vet assistant. Another incredible blessing in Kimberly Ann’s life is that her sister is also in the recovery progress. This family is now experiencing a new life they never thought was possible.

Josh’s story

The Foundry Ministries
Kimberly Ann and Josh are just two of many participants whose lives were changed for the better at The Foundry. (Sabrina Palmer / Bham Now)

Josh’s life seemed picture-perfect—he had a loving family and a great career as a high school football coach. In reality, cracks formed when he decided to start drinking again after having battled addiction in the past. After getting in a car accident, which led to him getting arrested for a DUI and airlifted to a hospital, the cracks became too big to keep everything together. His life shattered apart.

Josh was angry and mad at himself and God when he arrived at The Foundry, but he took the advice of others in the program and invested himself in classes and reading the Bible. While it wasn’t an overnight change, his dedication to the program helped change his mindset and in return, his life. 

“I went from being the guy that was angry and never wanted to talk to anyone to realizing that God changed my life. I became a person that’s willing to be open and surrender to anything that God has planned for me. Mindset is a huge part of addiction. Mine changed from being completely negative to having hope and excitement about my future.”

Josh, Life-change program participant, The Foundry Ministries

Learn more about The Foundry + how to help

The Foundry Ministries
Giving to this local ministry can make a BIG difference is someone’s life. (Sabrina Palmer / Bham Now)

Do you want to help more people have incredible life-changing stories like Kimberly Ann and Josh? Whether you have a lot or a little to give, any amount can help The Foundry continue its mission to help participants flourish.

  • One-time donation: Even if you only have $20, it can make a big difference in someone’s life. Donate online now.
  • Sign up for monthly giving: If you want to make giving easy, this is your best option. Sign up to make a recurring gift.

‘Tis the season for giving and a donation to The Foundry Ministries fills participants with hope.

For more details on more ways you can give to this life-changing organization, be sure to visit The Foundry Ministries’ website, Instagram + Facebook.

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