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In a recent interview by Tech Birmingham, Bham Now states “Our mission is to make Birmingham a smarter, better city. Our focus includes jobs, revitalization, start-ups, nature, environment and how to have a good time!  Over 60% of our audience are mobile millennials in the ‘ham’.”  -Cindy Martin, Founder and President, Bham Now

Cindy was the founding CEO of and then served as President of Alabama Media Group before starting up BhamNow. She has a love for Birmingham and is ecstatic about the millennial movement in the Magic City.

With her guidance, BhamNow is attracting millennials wanting up to date information about all of their favorite Birmingham activities on  Read the full post about Bham Now here here

TechBirmingham allows companies to connect with a variety of technology focused companies in Birmingham.  Find more info about Tech Birmingham here.

Thank you TechBirmingham for all you do for the emerging tech community in the “Ham”.

So… that’s where the “Protect Our Environment” car tag money goes

When you drive around the state of Alabama, one of the most popular “vanity” car tags is this one:


Most people don’t know that the organization in charge of these car tags have been around for more than 20 years, supporting environmental education programs throughout the state.

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Birmingham Girl Scout champions State Parks

Maggie Hoaglund Photo Credit: Kelly D Photography
Maddie Hoaglund
Photo Credit: Kelly D Photography

Birmingham Girl Scout Maddie Hoaglund is going for gold – the Girl Scout Gold Award.   And the winner will not only be her, but also Alabama’s State Parks, our environment and the people of Alabama.


In today’s Hoaglaud penned an opinion piece about the “Love Your State Parks Day” event she has organized at Oak Mountain State Park,  raise awareness about the upcoming vote on the State Parks Constitutional Amendment, and to say “thank you” to all the people that work at the state parks.

Check out Hoaglaud’s op-ed – here

And don’t miss the Love Your State Parks Day at Oak Mountain State Park on Saturday, September 24th.

UAB Greek Life battles hazing stereotypes

This week is National Hazing Prevention Week and UAB’s Panhellenic Council, the umbrella organization over the women’s fraternities and sororities, is taking a stand. With 3 in 5, college students subjected to hazing each year, UAB Greek Council is taking the initiative to end the violence.

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UAB welcomed a record breaking 19,000 students this fall

From the new kid on the block to a prestigious, highly ranked University, UAB has taken #ChooseUAB to the next level. The University of Alabama at Birmingham has come a long way. Each year, the Blazer community asserts their immense educational accomplishments. With new facilities and new programs, they continue to grow to attract the best of the best.

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Colonial Pipeline update: Temporary pipeline coming online, rising gas prices, latest news and links

Bypass pipe construction - Photo from EPA On-Scene Coordinator website
Bypass pipe construction – Photo credit: EPA On-Scene Coordinator  website

According to multiple media reports, Colonial Pipeline says it will be finishing the construction of a temporary pipeline that will bypass a leaking section of its main gasoline pipeline in Shelby County. The company is hoping to have the temporary pipeline on line this week.

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25 Birmingham Art Prints You Need in Your Life


We’re kicking off a new series where we find and gather the unique arts and crafts inspired by all things local. Here is a list – in no particular order – of 25 Birmingham art prints that you need in your life!

Whether you’re dressing up your walls or gifting to a friend, I dare you to go through this list without purchasing one of these beautiful prints.

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