Dryft Coffee to open new location at Printer’s Corner in 2024

(Dryft Coffee)
Dryft Coffee is coming to Printer’s Corner next year! (Dryft Coffee)

A new woman-owned coffee shop is coming to Printer’s Corner in 2024! Founded by Praveena Sundarraj, Dryft Coffee has roasted and served exceptional coffee grown by women out of their pop-up camper since The World Games 2022. Now, they’re bringing their brews to Parkside!

We spoke with Praveena to learn more.

About Dryft Coffee

(Dryft Coffee)
The Dryft Coffee camper parked along 20th Street North. (Dryft Coffee)

Founded by Praveena Sundarraj, Dryft Coffee is a coffee roaster and mobile coffee bar serving coffee produced and roasted by women.

“When I first started in the coffee industry in 2014, I didn’t see many women in leadership roles—even though they serve as the primary labor force on the coffee growing side. Women often face many obstacles due to social norms discriminating against them in rural areas where coffee is grown to lead or own land or have access to training. We have a long journey ahead when it comes to gender equity in coffee but we can help bring positive change with our actions and inviting consumers to join the conversation. I wanted to be intentional about sourcing coffee from farms that are women-owned, women-managed or at the least has a women in decision making role and employs a majority of women.”

Praveena Sundarraj, Owner, Dryft Coffee

Originally from India, Praveena grew up on her 4th generation tea farm where her family also grew their own coffee—igniting her passion for coffee. After moving to Birmingham, she worked in the beverage industry for over a decade, where she perfected the ins and outs of roasting and brewing coffee. In fact, Praveena completed the qualifications to become a certified Q grader—a professional skilled in evaluating green coffee beans!

(Dryft Coffee)
Praveena Sundarraj inside the Dryft Coffee camper. (Dryft Coffee)

“Roasting coffee has always been a passion of mine. There’s so much to learn when it comes to roasting coffee—especially about the far and how the beans are grown.”

Praveena Sundarraj, Owner, Dryft Coffee

Praveena began serving Dryft Coffee out of a mobile camper at The World Games 2022, and quickly grew a dedicated following thanks to Dryft’s unique, traditional coffee options.

“Coffee is an integral part of food culture in Southern India. It’s locally called kaapi, which is brewed using using a paperless filter that produces a concentrate that’s sweeter and smoother than an espresso and is then blended with milk and sugar. We served it at The World Games last year and had many international athletes become huge fans of kaapi.”

Praveena Sundarraj, Owner, Dryft Coffee

Coming to Printer’s Corner in 2024

Printer's Corner
Printer’s Corner, future home to Dryft Coffee. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

With business going well for Dryft Coffee, Praveena began looking for the right opportunity to open a brick & mortar location in the city.

I’ve always had Railroad Park and Parkside on my radar—it’s a growing multicultural area with several new developments, and my kid love going to the park. When I saw the space available at Printer’s Corner, I just knew that was our chance.”

Praveena Sundarraj, Owner, Dryft Coffee

Dryft Coffee’s future home is located on the ground floor of Printer’s Corner, a mixed-use development located in one of downtown Birmingham’s most sought-after areas—Parkside. The space is owned by Orchestra Partners and represented by Cooper Smith and Lyndsy Yim of SRS Real Estate Partners.

“We’re thrilled to see Dryft Coffee open their first brick & mortar location in Birmingham and can’t wait to see Dryft at Printer’s Corner!”

Cooper Smith, Vice President, SRS Real Estate Parters

Once complete, Dryft Coffee’s 3,300 square-foot space at Printer’s Corner will include a roasting space in addition to the coffee shop, so guests can see the entire process for themselves.

“It’s important to me that Dryft Coffee is not just a coffee shop, but a community space where everyone is welcome. Once everything is in full swing, we’ll be able to host small business pop-ups, open mic nights and other events.”

Praveena Sundarraj, Owner, Dryft Coffee

Praveena expects the build-out process to take around six months, and hopes to open Dryft Coffee at Printer’s Corner in March 2024.

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