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RealtySouth Mentorship, real estate
Ella Ogle (l) + April Bucki (r) (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

When Ella Ogle first transitioned into real estate, her assigned mentor helped her thrive in her new career with RealtySouth. Almost a year and a half ago, when her broker asked if she’d like to be a mentor herself, it was a no-brainer. She and her mentee April Bucki (pronounced “buckeye”) quickly hit it off and developed a relationship that’s become deeply meaningful to both of them—in real estate and in real life. This is their story.

Meet April Bucki + Ella Ogle, with RealtySouth

April Bucki and Ella Ogle are both agents with RealtySouth’s Acton Road office, and they were attracted to that office by the training and support the broker offers the team:

“Meg McCarthy is our broker, and she is an amazing leader. She provides leadership opportunities for agents there, and is always willing to give us opportunities to grow our business.”

April Bucki, RealtySouth

When COVID shut Ella’s business down, she studied every day to get her real estate license. She was happy to be given a mentor, Lisa Holmes, and reflected:

“Since then, I’ve hit the road running. It’s been a great success for me.”

Ella Ogle, RealtySouth

Thinking about a career in real estate? Working at RealtySouth comes with a great opportunity to be paired with an experienced agent for mentoring and learning. You’re not alone at RealtySouth.


On becoming a real estate mentor with RealtySouth

Ella Ogle, mentor, RealtySouth, real estate
Ella Ogle and her pup, Belle. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

When Meg approached Ella about being a mentor for April, she was excited to have the opportunity to give back because of how much she learned from her own mentor. Along the way, she and April have became BFFs.

Ella explained that her job as a mentor is to show a new agent everything from how to host an open house or open a lockbox to how to handle legal documents.

“When I started as an agent, I didn’t even know what a lead was. I had a mentor who was a big part of my life and career. I’m grateful that RealtySouth offers that to new agents because I would not have been able to be successful like I am today without my mentor. That’s another reason I was excited to give back to my company as a mentor myself.”

Ella Ogle, RealtySouth

On having a mentor with RealtySouth

April Bucki + Ella Ogle, RealtySouth agents, real estate
April Bucki (l) loves having Ella Ogle (r) as her mentor at RealtySouth. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

April said again and again how Ella has been an amazing asset to her life—both as a mentor and as a friend and loves that she can call her any time.

“We talk about professional things going on in real estate and also about our lives. That’s made our relationship so impactful in my career, because I know I can count on her not only as an agent to give me some expert advice, but also as a friend.”


The rewards of being a mentor

Ella Ogle (l) + April Bucki (r), RealtySouth mentorship
Ella Ogle (l) is April Bucki (r)’s mentor at RealtySouth. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

According to Ella, the most essential part of real estate is the relationships you build—some that last a lifetime—whether with buyers, sellers or colleagues.

“My friendship with April has grown so much since I’ve been her mentor, because we are so alike in so many ways. I don’t know all the answers to tell her but we’ve learned so much together along the way. I don’t just learn from my experiences, but I learn from hers as well.”

Ella Ogle, RealtySouth

The value of a supportive broker

Both women mentioned Meghan McCarthy so many times that I had to find out what made the Acton Road broker so special. Here’s what April said:

“Meg McCarthy, our broker at RealtySouth Acton Road, has given me so many opportunities in my role as an agent—I cannot say enough about how much RealtySouth trains us. Anytime we have any issues, they are right there to back us up. There are so many agents that are willing to help all of us young agents of the business. And I’m grateful for that with RealtySouth.”

April Bucki, RealtySouth

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