Jews and the Civil Rights Era: Birmingham (II &III)

Part II

16th Street Baptist Church from the BCRI

If there were a pilgrimage essential to the American experience, Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Birmingham, Alabama would be it. Disney after a Superbowl is nice and all, and St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago sounds, well, however it is that sounds, but if we’re talking about places and events that define pride in place and heritage, that American optimism we all seek, if you’re looking for life in the places you only thought of as confined to history books and tearjerk-films, and if we’re going to be facing truths that are hard as the weathered faces looking out at the high school marching bands from the steps of 16th Street Baptist Church, you have to be in Birmingham.

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Birmingham Women get ready for March On Washington D.C and Kelly Ingram Park

We Birmingham women are not known for being shy, despite our sweet, southern reputation.  Some, including Republicans and Democrats alike, are stepping out (literally) for their voice to be heard, on how they think women should be treated.

Carole Griffin, Meg McGlamery and Mindy Santo share a table and smiles at the sign-making party.

Local women who are headed to the Women’s March On Washington on January 21st met at Saturn Saturday afternoon to make signs for the protest.  Under a colorful parachute, paint, glue and glitter were crafted into messages from the heart…messages of concern about women and minorities.

Three women explain in their own words, their motivations for marching, their expectations, and how they’ll get to the Washington, D.C. event.


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Unique Action Packed Team Building with Always In Motion LLC

Have you heard of archery tag?  It might sound a little scary, but Justin Lyles of Always In Motion, LLC (A.I.M.) has made a business out of it here in Birmingham.

CEO Justin E. Lyles, started AIM…

“to provide an environment charged with FUN, innovation, and a passionate pursuit of purpose and action.”

Archery Tag mixes a historic sport with innovation offering archery tag in classic style of play, tournament style, and as a part of a group team building experience. A.I.M. works with grade schools, college campus’ and businesses.  Always In Motion has a 75 mile travel radius around the Birmingham, Al area. They also serve the area beyond this radius for a nominal transportation fee.

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Jews and the Civil Rights Era: Selma (I)

Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday is tomorrow. This is the first part of two pieces recapping some of the Jewish involvement in the Civil Rights Era.

Abraham J. Heschel and MLK Jr.

The history of the Jews in Alabama is one that is long, silent, and largely unrecognized. For one, the population of Jews has decreased by a large margin in the last three generations. Many left for Atlanta and Memphis, many stayed only as long as children weren’t in yeshivas (religious schools) before moving North, and many lost their Jewish identity for marriage, assimilation, the reasons go on and on. And while the journey of the Jews in the South is fascinating, I will be focusing only on the 1960s in Birmingham.

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Would you cycle at night in Bham?

Riders on the Redemptive Cycles Trample Ride roll down 1st AVE S, along the new Rotary Trail.

You anxiously check your phone.  It’s 4:45 PM.  You’re feeling the pressure of how you’ll get your ride in before it gets dark.  This is the time of year when the sun sets early and occasional frigid temps can threaten the cycling routine you worked so hard to keep the previous months.  Some retreat indoors and some hit the darkness, head-on.
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Innovation & Growth – Mayor Bell’s ‘State of the City’ Address

Yesterday, Mayor William Bell delivered his “State of the City” address, spoke to The Women’s Network, then visited the Pratt City Library to speak to the public – highlighting the growth of Birmingham from many different aspects.

Birmingham Mayor William Bell delivers his “State of the City” address to residents at the Pratt City library. (Ariel Worthy, The Birmingham Times)
Mayor Bell addressing citizens at Pratt City Library – Photo by Ariel Worthy, The Birmingham Times

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Birmingham Neighborhood Officers Sworn In for 2017-2018 Term


Thursday evening, newly elected Birmingham neighborhood officers gathered at Boutwell Auditorium for an installation ceremony. Representatives of Birmingham’s ninety-nine neighborhoods listened as Mayor William Bell, city council president Johnathan Austin and councilor Valerie Abbott congratulated and thanked them for their service to the city.

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