Small Business Monday – Spotlight on Sheppard’s Pet Supply

Birmingham AL
Will Sheppard, and his shop cat, Declan

“I’d like to think I’m Declan’s employee. My shop cat rules the roost. ”  Will Sheppard, owner of Sheppard’s Pet Supply located at 4410 4th AVE S. in Avondale, shared with us what it’s like to own a pet store and run a small business in Birmingham.

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Small Business Monday – Spotlight On Club Duquette

Birmingham AL
Morgan, Tennessee and Duquette Johnston
Club Duquette, located at 17 55th Place South, is one of Woodlawn’s newest businesses. The shop, which opened in late September 2016, is owned and operated by it’s namesake, Duquette Johnston and his wife, Morgan.   They’ve lived in East Lake for almost a decade, with Duquette having made music in Woodlawn for almost as long.  The newest member of their business team is their three-year-old son, Tennessee Wolf.

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Your new BFF – 45th Annual Birmingham Feline Fanciers Cat Show

The Birmingham Feline Fanciers (BFF) hosted their 45th Annual Cat Show Saturday, January 28th and Sunday, January 29th at the Zamora Temple.  According to Becki Vance, vice president of the BFF, an estimated one hundred seventy cats representing fifty different breeds competed in the eight ring contest.   Continue reading “Your new BFF – 45th Annual Birmingham Feline Fanciers Cat Show”

Reflections on Washington – Birmingham Women Share Their Stories

The Women’s March on Washington, as experienced and retold by the following Birmingham residents;


photo courtesy of Emily Peterson

“I woke up this morning on a bus full of strangers in foggy darkness at a truck stop in Virginia. Chartered busses filled the parking lot. I made my way off the bus and into the packed convenience store full of sleepy women with flat hair and sweatshirts and pink knit hats. There was a line for the women’s restroom that wrapped out the door. But there was an excited energy in the air — tired, but excited.

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Locals Joined Women’s March on Washington – Possibly largest demonstration in history

Birmingham, participants Washington March on D.C.
Chris, Avery and Peggy Biga meet up with friends at the Washington march. (photo courtesy of Peggy Biga)

On Saturday, January 21, scores of Birmingham residents converged on the nation’s capitol for the Women’s March on Washington.  The crowd (some estimates are over a million) came from every corner of the country and the world to advocate on behalf of women’s rights and human rights.  Some of the Alabama delegation documented their experiences through social media posts and photos.

According to Vox News,

…political scientists say they think we may have just witnessed the largest day of demonstrations in American history.

According to data collected by Erica Chenoweth at the University of Denver and Jeremy Pressman at the University of Connecticut, marches held in more than 500 US cities were attended by at least 3.7 million people.

The google docs spreadsheet, where counts are being tallied across the world shows that Birmingham contributed between 5000-10,000 participants to the historic event.

See photos/videos from locals who were there:

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Video/Photo Galleries of Birmingham Women’s March

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An estimated ten thousand women, men and children gathered at Kelly Ingram Park this afternoon for the Women’s March on Washington, Birmingham Sister March.  Dalia Abrams served as lead organizer for the event, while Shante and Tori Wolfe-Sisson, Spencer Bowley and Jennifer Freehling were heavily involved in planning.   More photos/video below.
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Birmingham to D.C. Here we come!

Hundreds of Birmingham women, men and children are on their way to our nation’s capitol for the Women’s March on Washington, tomorrow, Saturday, January 21. Whether by car, plane, bus, with personal funds or on scholarship, they’re all packed and headed out to make a stand for their beliefs in women’s rights.

Washington protest marchers wait to board a departing bus.

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Birmingham Women get ready for March On Washington D.C and Kelly Ingram Park

We Birmingham women are not known for being shy, despite our sweet, southern reputation.  Some, including Republicans and Democrats alike, are stepping out (literally) for their voice to be heard, on how they think women should be treated.

Carole Griffin, Meg McGlamery and Mindy Santo share a table and smiles at the sign-making party.

Local women who are headed to the Women’s March On Washington on January 21st met at Saturn Saturday afternoon to make signs for the protest.  Under a colorful parachute, paint, glue and glitter were crafted into messages from the heart…messages of concern about women and minorities.

Three women explain in their own words, their motivations for marching, their expectations, and how they’ll get to the Washington, D.C. event.


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Would you cycle at night in Bham?

Riders on the Redemptive Cycles Trample Ride roll down 1st AVE S, along the new Rotary Trail.

You anxiously check your phone.  It’s 4:45 PM.  You’re feeling the pressure of how you’ll get your ride in before it gets dark.  This is the time of year when the sun sets early and occasional frigid temps can threaten the cycling routine you worked so hard to keep the previous months.  Some retreat indoors and some hit the darkness, head-on.
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Birmingham Neighborhood Officers Sworn In for 2017-2018 Term


Thursday evening, newly elected Birmingham neighborhood officers gathered at Boutwell Auditorium for an installation ceremony. Representatives of Birmingham’s ninety-nine neighborhoods listened as Mayor William Bell, city council president Johnathan Austin and councilor Valerie Abbott congratulated and thanked them for their service to the city.

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