6 Restaurants with the best chef’s tables in Birmingham

hot and hot fish club
Hot and Hot Fish Club owner and chef Chris Hastings. (Matthew Niblett / Bham Now)

Craving good food, but don’t want to eat out alone? A solution: the chef’s table. This unique setup allows you take part in the culinary experience, while speaking with the Chef de Cuisine. Read more to find six of the best chef’s tables in Birmingham.

1. Hot and Hot Fish Club

This James Beard award-winning restaurant features a Hot and Hot counter. Serving fresh gulf seafood and a wide array of wines, Hot and Hot won’t disappoint. You can sit and sip, while watching chef sautĂ© your snapper.

2. OvenBird

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Ovenbird. (Ovenbird / Birmingham Restaurant Week)

Craving gourmet, southern-style food? From fresh gulf seafood to perfectly roasted chicken, OvenBird provides many great options from both the land and sea. Call ahead to reserve the premier chef’s table.

3. The Fennec

The Fennec 6 Restaurants with the best chef's tables in Birmingham
The Fennec. (Grace Brindley / Bham Now)

Looking for a more casual restaurant? The Fennec has you covered. Its multifaceted space includes live music, a cocktail bar and chef’s table. With deluxe appetizers, entrees, late night snacks and specialty drinks, you won’t leave this fun downtown venue feeling hungry.

4. Tasting TBL

fancy dish
A Tasting TBL entree. (Tasting TBL)

Tasting TBL features a chef’s table during their weekly Supper Club. Serving a five course meal every Friday and 10 courses on Saturday, this culinary experience is one you won’t want to miss. To reserve the chef’s table call ahead. You can purchase Supper Club tickets here.

5. La FĂŞte

Bar la fete
Inside La FĂŞte. (Sabrina Palmer / Bham Now)

Meaning “a party” in French, La FĂŞte has a fun, Parisian atmosphere. You’ll be saying oui! to its authentic French food and wine. La FĂŞte recently announced its plan to switch locations with the Essential on Morris Avenue. The new venue will include a spacious bar area perfect for a chef’s table.

6. Seasons 52

Another fabulous restaurant with a chef’s table is Seasons 52. Delight in its multi-course menu, which includes 52 wines and seasonal entrĂ©es. Reserve the private chef’s table by phone.

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