5 non-coffee drinks to try this summer in Birmingham

Redcat non-coffee drink menu
Redcat’s peach iced tea is perfect in this hot Alabama weather. (Callie Morrison / Bham Now)

It might be hard to believe, but not everyone is a coffee-lover. Whether you prefer a little coffee with your sugar, three shots of espresso or no coffee at all—The Magic City is the perfect place to find a delicious non-coffee drink. Our friends in Huntsville inspired us with their non-coffee drink guide, so we thought we’d bring the same to you, Birmingham.

1. Frothy Monkey

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Keep ’em coming. (Frothy Monkey / Facebook)

Business is always booming at Frothy Monkey. Coffee or not, this place knows how to best serve you. Visit Frothy Monkey today and try one of these non-coffee beverages:

  • High Garden teas + herbal infusions: Earl Gray, black or green tea
  • Firepot Amai Matcha Latte
  • Firepot Chai Latte

2. Red Mountain Expresso

Red Mountain Expresso
The drive-thru coffee shop of our dreams. (Callie Morrison / Bham Now)

Everyone’s favorite local drive-thru: Red Mountain Expresso. With its stacked menu, Red Mountain Espresso is one of the most popular local drive-thrus. They also have the perfect options for those who aren’t coffee fans. Stop by Red Mountain Expresso and order one of these options today:

  • Red Bull Infuser: Watermelon, cucumber + mint or strawberry acai
  • Strawberry banana smoothie
  • Tea Refreshers + slushies: Grape, lemon lime, orange, peach, raspberry or peach

3. Red Cat Coffee House

Redcat Pepper Place
Take a seat. The Red Cat community is waiting for you. (Callie Morrison / Bham Now)

A Birmingham classic and fan-favorite, Red Cat Coffee House is a must-visit for sweet treats and beverages. These summer menu items are perfect to tackle this Alabama heat with:

  • Dragonfruit Lemonade
  • Peach Raspberry Iced Tea

4. Baba Java

Non-coffee drinks at coffee shops
Baba Java summer menu> (Callie Morrison / Bham Now)

Nestled in Hoover’s Chace Circle, Baba Java is not here to play with their non-coffee drinks. Take it from us, we tried the Summer Lovin’ with Orchard Peach tea and it was a 10/10. Here are some non-coffee drinks to try:

  • Fever Dream: Strawberry Shindig tea, Pineapple Rosemary syrup, limeade + Fever Ginger Beer
  • Summer Lovin’: Option of Strawberry Shindig, Orchard Peach, or Briar Patch tea + lemonade
  • Tea latte: You choice of tea + milk

5. Santos

Santos' non-coffee drinks
Minty and refreshing. (Grace Brindley / Bham Now)

There are plenty of Santos locations to choose from around the Greater Birmingham Area. It’s a good thing, too, because you’ll want to try out their refreshing drinks ASAP. Here’s a few non-coffee options on the menu:

  • Smoothies: Mango, strawberry, triple berry, Harvest greens + banana
  • Frescas: Mango, strawberry, triple berry, Harvest greens

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