NEW OPENING: Elysian Gardens welcomes Kuntri Kitchen

Kuntri Kitchen
“Taste like good.” (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Business is booming in Elysian Gardens. Last week, we let you in on the details of A&D’s Wings and Things. Today, Kuntri Kitchen held its soft opening and was welcomed into the gardens. Keep reading for what to expect during your visit to Kuntri Kitchen.

Good BBQ and good times

Music filled the air as crowds gathered to eat good BBQ, laugh and enjoy fellowship with each other. The soft opening at Kuntri Kitchen was exactly the backyard cookout you would expect.

Owner DeMarcus Rodgers told us that this is the type of atmosphere he wants for Kuntri Kitchen, which is why Elysian Gardens was the perfect spot to bring his restaurant to.

“It’s the perfect venue. The artwork creates a relaxing environment for your entire family. It’s centrally located and just felt right.”

DeMarcus Rodgers, Owner, Kuntri Kitchen

Elysian Gardens is surrounded by antique artwork and beautiful greenery, creating a peaceful atmosphere for all visitors. Add good food to the mix, and we’re sold. Elysian Gardens sure knows how to bring the party.

Plan your visit to Kuntri Kitchen

A date for the grand opening is coming soon. In the meantime, you can visit Rodgers and the Kuntri Kitchen staff at Elysian Gardens for some good, wholesome food.

A sneak peek at the menu:

  • Kuntri Styles Ribs: 3-4 slow-grilled + marinated ribs
  • Loaded BBQ Nachos: chicken or pulled pork topped with cheese, sour cream + Kuntri Q sauce
  • Porkwich or Chickwich: “Kuntri version” of pulled pork or chicken sandwich
  • Kuntri Korn: smoked corn with a “Kuntri twist

Go ahead and save a date on your calendar to visit Kuntri Kitchen.

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