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Momentum offers a number of programs + resources to help you grow your career + your life. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Spring is a great time to think about what’s next in your career. For women leaders in Birmingham and Huntsville, Momentum offers three programs that can help you grow and develop professionally and personally in ways you never imagined. Keep reading to find out which one is right for you, how to apply, and other ways you can “get Momentum.”

Meet Momentum

Celebrating 20 years of advancing women in leadership, Momentum is one of Alabama’s most powerful women’s networks. What began with a 9-month program for executive-level leaders in Birmingham has grown into a highly-valued resource for professional women statewide at all levels of their careers.

In the last five years, Momentum has added the Upward early-career program, a Huntsville executive program, and expanded mentor matching, webinars and workshops as well as online resources for all women in Alabama.

There are currently 550 graduates of the executive program, 240 graduates of the Upward early career program, and more than 7,000 subscribers to Momentum’s online resources.

“What makes Momentum’s approach so unique is that we focus on the whole person. Through our programs, women do intensive work on personal as well as professional growth. In the process they build deep relationships that will last a lifetime.”

Andrea McCaskey, Momentum’s Statewide Director of Programs 

1. Birmingham Executive Leadership Program

Executive Leadership Program, Momentum
Momentum’s Executive Leadership Program in Birmingham (Momentum)
  • What: a 9-month Executive Leadership Program that helps Birmingham-area women build their skills, confidence and networks to move into advanced leadership positions. Class members participate in 360° assessment testing, develop a personal leadership plan, receive executive coaching and attend monthly sessions led by nationally-known facilitators, experts, authors and psychologists as well as local leaders.
  • When: September 26, 2023-May 17, 2024
  • Investment: $6K, usually paid in full or in part by participant’s organization. Limited need-based scholarships available.
  • Apply by April 30.

Manisha Mishra

Momentum Executive Leadership Program
Manisha Mishra is a proud graduate of Momentum’s Executive Leadership Program. (Momentum)

Manisha Mishra is a recent graduate of Momentum’s Executive Leadership Program. After hearing about the program from a number of people, she was attracted by the way graduates said it impacted them personally as well as professionally. 

“Today I can say with pride that I am a Momentum woman with a mindset of abundance. I learned how to be confident in my ability and to work from a place of power to raise myself and everyone around me. It has developed me to be an entirely different individual—a person who is more at ease with herself.” 

Manisha says she’s now part of a “warrior team” of women who were part of the class: 

“We push each other to be the best version of ourselves. And, it has taken me to a whole new level in my career. It has helped me learn the importance of how you can inspire greatness in others whether it’s with your team at work or with your kids at home.” 

Since graduating from Momentum, Manisha was promoted from Program Director to Deputy Director at Alabama Possible.

2. Huntsville Executive Leadership Program

Momentum, Executive Leadership Program, Huntsville
Momentum is now offering the Executive Leadership Program in Huntsville. (Momentum)

Veronica Cram

Veronica Cram, Executive Leadership Program, Huntsville
Veronica Cram is a current member of Huntsville’s first-ever Executive Leadership Program. (Momentum)

Veronica Cram, Founder and CEO of Insight Solutions in the Huntsville-Decatur area, had this to say about her experience: 

“The Momentum Executive Program is a unique and exceptional experience that focuses on personal growth and development, and provides valuable networking opportunities with accomplished women from diverse backgrounds. It has equipped me with the skills to lead authentically, and my accountability group has been an enriching experience. The women of Huntsville Executive Class 1 will undoubtedly have an immeasurable impact in the future.”

3. Birmingham Upward Early-Career Program

Upward, Momentum
Upward in Birmingham. (Momentum)
  • What: Since 2019, Momentum has had an early-career program for women who have 5-15 years of work experience and some leadership experience.
  • Who: Each class is divided into two cohorts. The first is for high-potential individual contributors with several years of experience; the second is for emerging leaders with some management experience..
  • When: February 6, 2024-October 8, 2024
  • Investment: $2500, usually paid in full or in part by the participant’s organization. Limited need-based scholarships available.
  • Apply: Applications open June-August 31.

Sara Beth Magette

Sarah Beth Magette, Momentum Upward
Sarah Beth Magette has recently completed Upward. (Momentum)

“I went through Upward at the perfect time in my life professionally and personally, and am so grateful. I learned how to take that next step and to be intentional about what really matters to me. I learned more about what I’m really good at, what I’m not as good at and how to find balance at home and at work.”

When she began the program, she was a manager, then was promoted to senior manager, then partner at Warren Averett. Sarah credits much of her career mobility to the skills she learned in Upward.

Other ways you can get Momentum

If a 9-month leadership program’s not in the cards for you right now, here are other ways you can get involved:

Ready to take your career to the next level? Apply for the Executive Leadership Program in Birmingham or Huntsville today. Applications for the Birmingham Upward 2024 program will open in June.

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