One of Alabama’s most powerful women’s networks is on the move—how you can be part of the action


Momentum retreat
A Momentum retreat. (Momentum)

Professional women, this one’s for you. For over 20 years now, Momentum Leaders has been developing women’s leadership in The Magic City, and now they’ve expanded statewide. We talked to five leaders about the difference Momentum makes, and we’ve got all the details for how you can get involved.

Momentum is a powerful statewide network of women leaders

Huntsville's Executive Class
Huntsville’s first Executive Class. (Momentum)

Since its founding in 2001, Momentum has grown into a powerful network of women leaders across the state of Alabama.

Sue Hodgkinson The Personal Brand Company
Susan Hodgkinson the founder of The Personal Brand Company. (Susan Hodgkinson)

Susan Hodgkinson comes to our state every year to facilitate workshops with Momentum, and sees Momentum as a standout among its peer organizations:

“For over two decades, I have traveled across the country and to many parts of the world to deliver my work as part of women’s leadership development programs and international conferences. 

In my experience, Momentum is an unrivaled gem. It has set itself apart because it has woven itself fully—and mightily—into a much larger effort to lift everyone in the region.  

Momentum is a very rare, empowering organization with an ever-widening ecosystem that embodies the idea that ‘A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats.’”

Susan Hodgkinson, The Personal Brand Company

What Momentum does + why it matters

Momentum (Momentum)

Momentum advances equity for women in leadership while serving as a valuable community resource for equity in the workplace.

This matters because women have an essential role to play in advancing growth in our state.

Women’s equity is key to growth in Alabama

Greg Barker
Greg Barker of EDPA. (Greg Barker)

“If a community is going to realize its full potential, it is critical for ALL citizens to benefit from inclusive economic development strategies. Momentum, with its focus on developing and enabling women leaders, is an essential part of moving toward equitable growth in the State of Alabama.” 

Greg Barker, President, EDPA

Momentum runs two major leadership development programs

Momentum Executive Class
Momentum’s Executive Class. (Momentum)

Between them, these programs have more than 500 distinguished alumnae to date: 

UAB Medicine’s experience

Dr. Anupam Agarwal
Dr. Anupam Agarwal, MD. (UAB)

“At UAB, it is critical that we foster leadership in every corner of our institution. Momentum Leaders in Medicine at UAB is a programmatic initiative that supports and invests in women, while building up a workforce of top leadership roles for women within Alabama’s medical landscape. 

Momentum Leaders in Medicine at UAB draws on existing traits of women in our industry and strengthens them through Momentum’s curriculum. This leadership development is highly valuable and impactful for our staff and faculty and also for the people we serve like our patients and communities.”

Anupam Agarwal, Interim Senior VP for Medicine and Dean, UAB Heersink School of Medicine

Gatherings bring people together strategically

Momentum Conference
Momentum Conferences provide great networking opportunities. (Momentum)
  • Biennial conferences bring together women from across the state for inspiration, information and relationship-building.
  • Men with Momentum gives men a space to have open dialogue about challenges they face recruiting and promoting women and people of color.

Why Men with Momentum matters

Dave Gray
Dave Gray. (Techbuilders)

“Men with Momentum provides a forum for open, candid discussion aimed at improving the lack of equity and inclusion in business, particularly within leadership roles. If embraced and with further growth, initiatives like this will allow Birmingham companies to set the example both in our city and across the country. Additionally, it has the potential to make Birmingham companies more competitive as it’s clear that diverse organizations outperform those that are not.”

Dave Gray, Past Chair, Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham

Momentum extends into the community

Momentum Mentorship
Mindy Black, Mentorship Coordinator, with a mentor-mentee pair. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

For people who want to plug in to the Momentum magic on their own time, there are several ways to do so, including:

  • Mentor matching connects women at all stages of their career—so far, Momentum has made 1000 matches, and anyone can apply.
  • Monthly webinars help develop strong leadership skills.
  • Momentum Matters Podcast raises awareness about the barriers facing aspiring women leaders and the skills to move past them.

Regions Bank loves Momentum

Regions Dana Nolan One of Alabama's most powerful women's networks is on the move—how you can be part of the action
Dana Nolan of Regions Bank. (Momentum)

“Regions is proud to serve as Momentum’s Visionary sponsor again this year. Our alliance continues to move women into equitable leadership roles in our community and across the state. 

Through in-person and online events, as well as social media content, Momentum connects women to people who motivate and inspire them as they serve in various leadership roles. 

These networks are invaluable and enhance the images of both the executive women who form them as well as the companies where they are employed. 

Regions and Momentum have a common goal—to attract and retain the brightest talent in the nation. I’m proud to serve both.”

—Dana Nolan, Executive VP of Investor Relations, Regions Bank, Momentum Executive Leadership Class

Sounds like something you need in your life? Here’s how you can get involved.

Get involved in Momentum today

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