Domestique ranked among top 10 coffee roasters in the country

domestique from instagram
Best coffee in Alabama. (@domestiquesatellite on Instagram)

In a recent issue of Food & Wine, the magazine ranked Birmingham’s own Domestique Coffee among the top ten coffee brands in the country.

Keep reading for all the details about what makes this Birmingham roaster both nationally ranked and locally beloved.

Food & Wine on Domestique

Last year, Domestique was also recognized by Food & Wine in a list of best coffee roasters from each state.

This time, the acclaimed monthly publication set out to rank the ten best coffee brands that will elevate your at-home coffee experience. Here’s what Executive Editor Karen Shimizu had to say about Domestique in the article:

“Birmingham, Alabama, might not be an obvious source for amazing coffee, but believe you me, it is. Birmingham-based Domestique Coffee is a third-wave coffee purveyor that roasts some of the most nuanced and satisfying coffee I’ve ever had. Their roasting process is individually calibrated to draw out the flavors and specific aromas of each variety of coffee beans (a list that includes single-origin coffees from Haiti, Ethiopia, and Guatemala).”

Shimizu also recognized Domestique’s focus on sustainability and ethical production:

“The terrific coffee drew my loyalty, but their socially responsible practices cements it: they source sustainably and ensure a fair-wage supply chain from production to distribution. As a resident of Birmingham, I’ve been able to buy a bag of their beans at the local Piggly-Wiggly, as well as at their hip counters at Saturn (a local concert venue) and at a local cycling shop. Lucky for the rest of the country, they recently started offering national shipping.”

Domestique’s background

Domestique Michael Pocus
Domestique co-founder Michael Pocus. (Cecilia Wood/ Bham Now)

Domestique Coffee, founded by brothers Nathan and Michael Pocus, began with the intention of giving people easy access to high-quality coffee. After a trip to Haiti, the brothers decided to roast their own with Haitian coffee beans. Now, they source from multiple countries to find the perfect bean for each roast.

domest Domestique ranked among top 10 coffee roasters in the country
Get Domestique shipped to you nationwide or pick it up in-store. (@domestiquecoffee on Instagram)

They currently operate three locations in the Birmingham-Metro area as well as a coffee production facility downtown.

Learn more about Domestique: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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