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Leadership Breakfast
At Momentum’s last in-person Leadership Breakfast before the pandemic. (Momentum)

If you’re a working professional, talent development is no doubt on your mind as much as any other aspect of your job. Thankfully, Momentum’s 2023 Leadership Breakfast is happening Thursday, March 23 with nationally-renowned and locally-beloved speaker Susan Hodgkinson who will deliver a keynote on success in leadership. We talked to two local leaders about the difference Momentum makes and why you need to get your ticket now.

Know before you go

Leadership Breakfast Momentum
This is what the room looked like at the last in-person breakfast back in 2019. (Momentum)

Men with Momentum makes a difference

Will Schoel
Will Schoel is part of Men with Momentum (LinkedIn)

To learn more about the difference Momentum makes, I reached out to Will Schoel, Senior Director of Talent Development at Protective. He’s currently a participant in Men with Momentum, after being a fan of the organization for over a decade.

“Momentum is a Birmingham gem I’m proud to be affiliated with. Men with Momentum provides valuable time to reflect on issues of inclusion and diversity within our organizations. It’s also great to have the opportunity to meet others in the community.”

Momentum has something to help everyone advance in their career

Eva Robertson, Protective
Eva Robertson (Eva Robertson)

Eva Robertson graduated from Momentum’s Executive Leadership Program in 2014, and has had a long and distinguished career at Protective, where she currently serves as Executive Director of the Protective Life Foundation. This is what she had to say about why Momentum matters:

“Alabama, like many other places, has a workforce crisis. We cannot afford to leave anyone on the sidelines. In order to really have our state and our city grow, we need to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to have a career or a job, and that our productivity, creativity, dedication, our work ethic and our product output are all that they can be. 

One of the reasons why Momentum is terribly important is that it helps companies maximize the talent of women in our businesses.

It helps women maximize their careers, and it helps businesses maximize their potential. We know that businesses that include diverse thinking perform better than those that don’t.”

Whether you’re just starting your career or are a seasoned leader, Momentum has something for you:

Can’t make it to the Breakfast? Whether or not you make it to the breakfast, there are so many ways you can connect with Momentum: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

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