4 things to love about Mercantile on Morris, including a Parisian-inspired bar [VIDEO]


Bar la fete
We’ll catch you at this bar in Mercantile on Morris. (Sabrina Palmer / Bham Now)

When you think about iconic Birmingham spots, Morris Avenue probably tops the list. Whether you’re looking to shop, grab coffee with a friend or find that perfect romantic dinner spot, there’s something for everyone at Mercantile on Morris. Want to know our favorite parts of this Orchestra Partners mixed-use development? Let’s dive in.

1. Delicious foodie options + fantastic drinks 🥂

Ever making plans for dinner with a friend and not sure where to go where everyone will find something they love? All. The. Time.

Thankfully, Mercantile on Morris has a few different restaurant and bar options so you can find something that everyone will be happy with. Plus, thanks to the outdoor gathering space, everyone can grab their food to go and meet in the middle.

Bandit Pâtisserie

Bandit Patisserie
The lineup of summer pastries—there’s even more in store. (Cecilia Wood / Bham Now)

If you love a pastry or a croissant full of flaky layers, you’re probably already familiar with Bandit Pâtisserie, the nationally-renowned bakery from the chefs behind The Essential. Grab a cup of coffee and a pastry for the perfect mid-morning pick-me-up or afternoon treat.

Bar La Fête

Bar la Fête
Bar La Fete’s nardello peppers. (Caleb Chancey / Bar la Fête)

Another concept from The Essential and Bandit, Bar La Fête is a Parisian-inspired wine bar with beautiful decor, a lineup full of French wines, a selection of high-end spirits and French-inspired bites including potato paté and Parisian gnocchi.

Trust me—the crispy potatoes are worth a visit alone.

Cannella Gelato

Cannella Gelato at Mercantile on Morris
Don’t miss out on this deliciousness (Cecilia Wood / Bham Now)

Cannella Gelato is one of my personal favorite shops in Mercantile on Morris, and can you blame me? The creamy gelato is fantastic and the perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up. My go-to flavor is their signature: lemon, lavender, honey and goat cheese.

“I think people love the unique flavors of our gelatos and sorbets and the creamy texture. Gelato is unlike American ice cream in that it’s made with less cream, incorporates less air and is served at a higher temperature so you can really taste the flavor. It reminds so many people of their trips to Italy.”

Michael Crowley, Owner, Cannella Gelato

Pizza Grace

Pizza Grace - Mercantile on Morris
The pizza pies at Pizza Grace are drool-worthy. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Looking for the perfect lunch with coworkers or a date night spot? Allow me to introduce you to Pizza Grace, the upscale pizza concept from renowned chef Ryan Westover. Pizza Grace’s artisan pizzas feature a flavorful crust with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Want to see what else is going on with Orchestra Partners? Check out their website for updates.

2. Shopping for all tastes 🛍️

You won’t just find food in Mercantile on Morris. There’s also plenty of retail options, so you can shop local and find the perfect gift for anyone on your list… including yourself.

Orchestra Partners knows how important it is to shop local and keep dollars in the community… and I know how important it is to treat yourself. Mercantile on Morris is truly a win-win!

Bridge + Root

Woman standing behind desk with “Bridge + Root” logo behind her
Aisha Taylor, the owner behind Bridge + Root. (Katiana Banks / Bham Now)

Bridge + Root is a men’s clothing store with everything from blazers and bow ties to joggers and leather bags.

“Bridge + Root is a collective of men’s pieces that are curated for the guy who loves to be unique. He’s not afraid to stand out from the crowd.”

Aisha, Owner, Bridge + Root

Hide & Hunter

Hide & Hunter
Hannah Christine and one of her handcrafted bags. (Gabby Gervais / Bham Now)

At Hide & Hunter, you’ll find handcrafted leather goods and vintage clothing, all brought to you by owner Hannah Christine. Her leather goods include unique details like fringe and embossing, and you’ll find something no one else owns.


Peyton Lyles, Lifelyles
Peyton, the owner behind Lifelyles. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

One step into Lifelyles and I guarantee you’ll fall in love with at least one thing… and let’s be honest, you’ll probably find excuses to buy multiple items. Peyton Lyles opened the store to offer a selection of gifts, home goods, pantry goods, candles and more, with a focus on the value of family and loved ones.

“We designed Mercantile on Morris with one thing in mind—connection. All our wonderful tenants bring people together through shopping, dining and experiences. We’ve brought Birmingham back to historic Morris Avenue, and we’ve given them several reasons to keep coming back.” 

Howard McKay, Director of Development, Orchestra Partners

Plus, there’s more than shopping and food. Stop into Scott Miller Projects to take a look at stunning artwork, or head to Personal by Studio E Fitness for a workout.

3. Tons of outdoor space for meeting with friends—pups allowed

Mercantile on Morris
Plenty of room to catch up. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Something else that sets Mercantile on Morris apart is the beautiful, open-air plaza in between the stores and condominium units. You’ll find plenty of tables and chairs to enjoy a meal or to catch up with friends after a busy day of shopping.

“Mercantile on Morris is such a special location to me. My grandfather grew up in Birmingham and told me many stories about frequenting Morris Avenue and downtown. It’s amazing to see the revitalization of downtown, and Mercantile is the perfect representation of this revitalization.”

Peyton Lyles, Owner, Lifelyles

4. The perfect location

Mercantile on Morris
An iconic connector. (Bham Now)

Mercantile on Morris is positioned in an iconic—and convenient—location in Downtown Birmingham. Morris Avenue is Birmingham’s historic home of commerce and production, and in the 1900s, you’d find the cobblestone streets full of horses, buggies, cars and foot traffic.

Now, Morris Avenue is surging in popularity again, and Mercantile on Morris is an important piece of that resurgence. Mercantile on Morris connects First Avenue to Morris Avenue to improve walkability and bring even more vibrancy to the area.

“It’s amazing to be where we are downtown and see it growing by leaps and bounds. We’re happy to be part of the growth!”

Aisha, Owner, Bridge + Root

PS—Mercantile on Morris is still leasing. Contact Lyndsy Yim at lyndsy.yim@srse.com.

Ready to spend your weekend at Mercantile on Morris? We’ll meet you there!

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