Marty’s Trussville to open by end of October with new mind-blowing menu creation

Marty's Trussville
Joshua Braden, Kitchen Manager at Marty’s Trussville. (Patience Itson / Bham Now)

Love Marty’s GM and PM? Then get ready for Marty’s Trussville (MTV)—opening soon on Gadsden Highway. Keep reading for what to expect, a sneak peek at the menu and some iconic artifacts from Trussville’s past.

From PM to GM to MTV

Marty's Trussville
Marty’s Trussville. (Patience Itson / Bham Now)

MTV is the third location for the Marty’s crew. Owned by Phill and Marsha Mims, the couple took over Marty’s PM (the original location) in 2014 after its beloved founder Marty Eagle passed away in 2013. In 2018, they opened a second location in Irondale called Marty’s GM.

Why a third location in Trussville?

“We opened in Irondale a little over four years ago, it’s been really really good. Irondale’s been great. We think we’ve been really good for Irondale. We knew we wanted to open another location and the two people that are going to be the managers here are Trussville people.”

Phill Mims, Owner, Marty’s Trussville

Mims is referring to Sarah Thurmond and Joshua Braden. Sarah is a bartender and part owner of MTV. She’s also helped open bars like Ferus Artisan Ales.

Joshua is the Kitchen Manager at MTV and has worked in the culinary industry for years. He’s helped open and run kitchens in many popular restaurants around the Greater Birmingham Area including El Barrio, Post Office Pies, Jim ‘N Nicks and Five Guys.

What to expect at Marty’s Trussville

Marty's Trussville
Pool, TVs and more. (Patience Itson / Bham Now)

As with other Marty’s locations, at MTV, you can expect a friendly neighborhood bar where those 21+ can kick back with some quality food and beer, play some pool, or watch a game on TV.

“There’s no 21+ place in Trussville. Every place is family-centered with children. It seems like Trussville may need this.” 

Phill Mims, Owner, Marty’s Trussville

On the menu, you’ll find most of the usual favorites like burgers and fries as well as their most popular item, the patty melt, which is known to be out of this world. 

“We’re still doing some of the same menu items as before, but we will do a couple of items that are unique to Trussville’s location. We always want to have something unique, food-wise, that you can’t get at another location.”

Phill Mims, Owner, Marty’s Trussville
Marty's Trussville
Pizza Eggroll—a new menu creation at Marty’s Trussville. (Patience Itson / Bham Now)

So what will be unique on MTV’s menu? We can fill you in one special item you absolutely have to try. It’s been a secret until now, but we got clearance from MTV to spill the beans. Get ready for the Pizza Eggroll! 

Filled with mozzarella, pepperoni and sausage, then deep-fried for the ultimate crunch, this new creation is a showstopper!

Along with great food, you’ll get lots of Buschwackers and plenty of great beer from local breweries like Good People, Cahaba Brewing and TrimTab.

You can also expect live music, karaoke and trivia nights.

A little history along the walls

Marty's Trussville
The original Velma’s sign. (Patience Itson / Bham Now)

Trussville may be popping with new businesses left and right, but it’s also home to many that hold a long history. 

When you visit MTV, take a look along the art-filled walls to see some of the town’s history. 

One thing you’ll notice is a large sign with the name “Velma’s” lit in neon letters. From its beginning in the 1930s to its closure in 2012, Velma’s was Trussville’s first and longest-running bars.

“For people in Trussville, [the sign’s] a big deal. It’s a really neat piece of history and I think people will be excited to see it up again.”

Phill Mims, Owner, Marty’s Trussville

Continue your gaze along MTV’s walls and you’ll find more city history with two Braden Furniture Company signs. Braden Furniture was a locally-owned furniture store located at the corner of North Chalkville Road and Main Street in Downtown Trussville. After closing in 2014, the store sat abandoned until it was redeveloped and opened as The Cahaba Building in 2022.

MTV got the signs from their Kitchen Manager, Joshua Braden—grandson of Braden Furniture’s original owner, Vernon Braden.

Visit Marty’s Trussville

MTV plans to be fully open for biz by the last weekend of October, so be sure to swing by for a beer, killer appetizers and more.

Where: 1423 Gadsden Hwy, Ste 131, Birmingham, Alabama 35235
Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 4PM-Midnight | Friday-Saturday 6PM-1:30AM | Sunday 4PM-Midnight | Closed Mondays
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