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Pack Health is a Birmingham-based company helping patients better manage their chronic conditions. Now, they’re helping employees succeed through their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) committee. To learn more about how they’re doing this, we talked with Ashley Carrillo and Nuha Hamid, two members of Pack Health’s DE&I committee.

Meet Ashley & Nuha

Pack Health
Nuha isn’t just crushing her job—she’s helping others succeed in their roles as well. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Ashley is a Billingual Member Services Representative. Nuha is a Quality Control Specialist.

These two #girlbosses are doing more at Pack Health than just their job. They’re helping the team achieve their goals and making the workplace more welcoming through their work on the DE&I committee.

How did you become part of the DE&I committee?

“I began participating and helping the sub-committee plan for monthly observances almost as soon as started working at the company.

I also took the initiative to assist in posts, awareness and events that correlated with the DE&I’s goals. Soon after, an opportunity arose for me to officially join the committee.”

Ashley Carrillo, Bilingual Member Services Representative, Pack Health

“I took the personal initiative to make sure new employees felt welcomed and heard amongst their peers and team leads. I also wanted everyone to be included in company events and activities.

This fell right in line with DE&I and within a few months of my hiring, I was approached by committee members to join the committee.”

Nuha Hamid, Quality Control Specialist, Pack Health

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What is Diversity, Equity & Inclusion + why it matters

Pack Health formed this committee to create discussion opportunities with employees and advocate for opportunities to increase DE&I within the company.

  • Diversity: It’s more than what’s on the outside. It’s having a range of different characteristics in your employees.
  • Equity: What can leaders do to help you on your own path to success?
  • Inclusive: Making sure everyone has what they need to thrive.

Ashley and Nuha have already seen how their work on the DE&I committee makes the Pack Health team more unified and successful. Let’s look at the five ways this team increases DE&I at Pack Health.

5 steps Pack Health has taken to increase DE&I

Pack Health
Ashely is a rockstar employee + caring friend to her peers. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

A couple of years ago, the DE&I committee was formed at Pack Health to emphasize the importance of a trusting relationship between the company and its employees. This helped the committee cultivate an empowering environment and has continued to allow employees to feel safe and acknowledged when having discussions about diversity, equity and inclusion.

For Ashley and Nuha, this work is important because they want everyone’s voice to be heard. Here’s how they and the rest of the team are increasing DE&I at Pack Health.

1. Creating conversations

It’s easy to see why Ashley and Nuha are committee members—they’re just so easy to talk to. Pack Health employees can talk to these two and other committee members if they have any concerns or questions. The DE&I committee is focused on relationships and listening to employees to learn how they can help make their work culture better.

They’re advocating for the voiceless and soft-spoken on their team—everyone should be heard to make sure the whole team has what they need to succeed. By making sure employees can have meaningful conversations with leadership and creating company-wide discussions, this team is striving towards a safe and all-inclusive DE&I environment.

2. Learning opportunities

Pack Health
The dream team. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

No one ever stops learning. The committee initiates learning opportunities to help Pack Health’s employees develop and deepen their personal understandings of diversity, equity and inclusion through:

  • #bettertogether channel to foster communication on DE&I knowledge
  • DE&I Lunch & Learns to highlight specific topics to grow the company’s understanding
  • Sub-committees to take deeper dives on DE&I topics and concerns

3. Policies + practices

If this team sees something that needs to change, they’re going to speak up. By observing the workplace and discussing with employees, the committee provides recommendations for the development or modification of policies and practices that impact DE&I efforts.

This means they’re moving from “hey, let’s talk about this” to “let’s do something to make this happen.”

4. Guidance + consultation

If a Pack Health employee wants more information or opportunities to foster DE&I at work, they can just go to the committee. They’re all about providing resources and being a useful tool to the team.

The DE&I committee’s door is always open for more discussions and giving employees what they need to succeed.

5. Employee Business Networks

Speaking of growth, Pack Health was recently acquired by Quest Diagnostics Company. This means the Pack Health team can be part of their Employee Business Networks (EBNs ).

EBNs are open to all employees and are designed to increase DE&I by:

  • Driving community involvement
  • Engaging new employees and senior leadership
  • Granting access to leadership and professional development opportunities
  • Influencing business strategies through a 5-pillar inclusion and diversity system
  • Supporting education and advocacy efforts

The best team + how to join

Pack Health
Nuha Hamid and Ashley Carrillo are making Pack Health even more welcoming to everyone. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Ashley and Nuha couldn’t stop listing reasons why it’s so amazing to work at Pack Health. Here are some of their favorite parts of being on the team:

  • Emphasis on the importance of a work/life balance
  • Feeling welcomed, accepted and supported daily for who you are
  • So much diversity on the team
  • Support and mentors are available for personal development and future opportunities for career growth at Pack Health

That sounds like a dream team that’s going to make going to work a joy. Luckily, you have the chance to apply to be on the team:

Do you want to be part of this team? Check out Pack Health’s current job openings.

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