11 organizations + events supporting trans and non-binary people in Birmingham

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According to the Human Rights Campaign’s 2021 Municipal Equality Index (MEI), Birmingham has a perfect score when it comes to inclusive municipal laws, policies and services for the LGBTQ+. Although this is a great accomplishment for our city, it can be difficult for our trans and nonbinary friends to find solutions for their specific matters. Thankfully, Birmingham has plenty of resources for them to feel welcome in the city.

1. Adult mental health group

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Taking care of your mental health is like a breath of fresh air. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Presented by the Magic City Wellness Center, this online adult mental health group is a safe and affirming environment for members of the LGBTQ+ community. You’ll be cared for by professional counselors no matter your gender or sexuality. Look for this event every third Thursday of the month for holistic support and guidance.

Join the Alabama trans support group on Facebook to learn more about your community in Birmingham.

2. Space to be me

On the third Saturday of each month, visit Magic City Acceptance Center to meet members of the LGBTQ+ community. This group is free and open to parents of trans youth and youth, ages 14 and under. We appreciate this event because there’s a space for parents and a separate spot for the kids.

3. TAKE Birmingham

TAKE Birmingham is a peer support group of trans women of color supporting each other and standing up against discrimination. These ladies and gender non-conforming individuals break down barriers and improve standards within the Birmingham community for trans-related issues. 

4. Trans in the South

Trans in the South wants you to know that you are not alone. This organization builds a network of support throughout Alabama and neighboring states. You can find access to healthcare providers, mental health counselors and advocacy programs.

5. Magic City Legal Center

For an organization that you can trust, try the Magic City Legal Center. They specialize in gender marker change assistance so you can get your preferred name on the legal documents of your liking. For those wanting to grow a family, they also offer adoption filing assistance. They also offer programs, such as life coaching and re-entry services, for the trans population.

6. Magic City Acceptance Center

Discover the newest mural by E.L. Chisolm in Birmingham’s 4th Ave Business District. (Sabrina Palmer / Bham Now)

The Magic City Acceptance Center is a Birmingham organization dedicated to providing support and resources for LGBTQ+ individuals. Right now, they’re focusing on helping out our trans youth in Alabama with free programming and educational resources.

7. AIDS Alabama

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AIDS Alabama supports the mission to stop the spread of HIV. (AIDS Alabama)

AIDS Alabama is a major supporter in Bham and Alabama when it comes to HIV/AIDS healthcare. They’re dedicated to eradicating AIDS in our state by helping people find treatment and assistance without stigma or judgment. You can find healthcare, case management, housing assistance (including the first homeless youth shelter in Alabama) and policy advocacy help.

8.  Birmingham AIDS Outreach

From testing to housing service, Birmingham AIDS Outreach (BAO) is there for the community. BAO aims to make Alabama a more inclusive place, just take a look at their transgender needs assessment.

9. Magic City Wellness Center

From counseling to prescription refills, Magic City Wellness Center is here for you. Did you know that the Magic City Wellness Center is the first LGBTQ+ comprehensive healthcare facility in Alabama? There are also support groups available for you to join.

10. Magic City Acceptance Academy

The Magic City Acceptance Academy is most notable for having year-round support for LGBTQ+ youth, including therapy, peer helpers and a crisis response team. Even the students claim this is a school where they can feel welcomed, a plus for any parent who wants their kids to thrive.

11. LGBTQ+ friendly and affirming religious organizations

For all to celebrate their faith. (Sharron Swain)

Faith is a huge part of Southern culture. If you’re trans or non-binary, it can be challenging to find a LGBTQ+ faith organization. We gathered the churches and synagogues in Birmingham so you don’t have to:

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