BREAKING: Homewood Zoe’s Kitchen is now closing

Zoes Kitchen BREAKING: Homewood Zoe's Kitchen is now closing
Zoe’s Kitchen’s Homewood location is the third to leave Birmingham. (Jacob Blakenship / Bham Now)

Birmingham, one of our favorite lunch spots is sadly leaving town. Zoe’s Kitchen is officially closing in Homewood, according to the Birmingham Business Journal. Keep reading to learn more.

Birmingham is losing another location

Homewood, it’s time to say goodbye to the Zoe’s Kitchen at 1830 29th Ave S Ste 115. Sadly, this is the third location of the Meditteranean restaurant chain that has left Birmingham over the last three years, according to the Birmingham Business Journal. The other two include a location at The Summit and on 280 in Brook Highland.

What will be replacing Zoe’s Kitchen?

So far, it has not been announced what will be replacing this space yet. However, we do know that CAVA, a fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant chain, bought Zoe’s Kitchen in 2018—they’ve been flipping old locations into CAVA restaurants around the US. So, maybe we’ll see one in town. Only time will tell.

“With this acquisition, CAVA will be able to broaden our geographic footprint and meet the needs of even more guests—whether in Bethesda or Birmingham, Plano or Pasadena—who crave delicious, healthy food without compromise. As part of the CAVA family, Zoës Kitchen will benefit from CAVA’s track record of bold culinary innovation and leveraging data and technology to drive growth and convenience.”

Brett Schulman, Chief Executive Officer, CAVA

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