Meet 3 locals making an impact at Children’s of Alabama

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Chrissy, Children's of AL
Christy Ellard, one of the recent Children’s of Alabama Impact Award winners. (Ben Johnson / Bham Now)

Whether they’re working directly with children or their role involves teamwork on the floor, Children’s of Alabama employees make a major impact. That’s why we’re celebrating the people who bring smiles to patients’ faces every day. Meet the Impact and Daisy Award winners and find out just why they love working at Children’s.

Recognizing fantastic employees 🏆

Children's of Alabama IMPACT award
Let’s give a warm congratulations to Priscilla, the most recent Impact Award winner. (Children’s of Alabama)

No matter where you work, it’s always nice to be recognized and appreciated. Children’s of Alabama knows just how hard each employee works—that’s why they present awards once a month to nurses and other staff members.

Meet Christy, a recent Impact Award winner who was brought to tears when she learned she had won the award.

Childrens Natalie Dreams Up Meet 3 locals making an impact at Children's of Alabama

The Daisy Award

Daisy Award winner
Michael Salak, Daisy Award winner. (Children’s of Alabama)

The Daisy Award is an international award designed to honor and thank nurses for their hard work. Amazing stat: over 5,000 healthcare facilities across the US and in other countries honor nurses with The Daisy Award!

Anyone can nominate a nurse for the award, from patients and family members to other nurses, physicians, clinicians or staff members. At Children’s, it’s a wonderful way to show nurses just how important they are.

“Winning the Daisy Award was very emotional, and the mom who recognized me was very kind. Sometimes while doing our job, we feel that things go unrecognized, especially because we’re doing so much in the ICU.

The award definitely reminds you that what we do isn’t for nothing. Even when you don’t get recognized, it shows that we have such an impact on everyone’s life we come in contact with, and that makes it worth it even through the tough times.”

Michael Salak, PICU Nurse + Daisy Award Winner, Children’s of Alabama
Childrens Natalie Dreams Up Meet 3 locals making an impact at Children's of Alabama

The Impact Award

Christy, Children's of AL
We chatted with Christy about why this award meant so much. (Cecilia Wood / Bham Now)

Another important award at Children’s of Alabama is the Impact Award—a new recognition that began in 2022. The Impact Award recognizes staff members who go above and beyond.

“Why would anybody not want to work here? This place is amazing! Every day, I get to witness the things that this hospital is capable of and the impact that this place has on people’s lives—not just the patients that we care for but the employees, too.”

Christy Ellard, Unit Clerk + Impact Award Winner, Children’s of Alabama

A culture of safety ❤️

Christy Ellard
Megan Cook, Sarah Kate Powell + Christy Ellis at the award reveal. (Children’s of Alabama)

Of course, a super important part of Children’s of Alabama is ensuring a culture of safety for patients and employees alike. Safety is an organizational priority at Children’s, which means that employees make sure they’re making the safest choices throughout their days.

That also means employees are encouraged to share feedback at all stages during their career at Children’s.

“We’re really open and transparent when asking employees to share with us so that we can improve as an organization.”

Amy Hobbs, Director of Quality and Patient Safety, Children’s of Alabama
Childrens Natalie Dreams Up Meet 3 locals making an impact at Children's of Alabama

Giving children a brighter future

Priscilla, Children's of Alabama
Each award ceremony is emotional and exciting. (Children’s of Alabama)

We believe that every employee at Children’s, from social workers and food service workers to nurses and doctors, is deserving of major recognition.

“Children are our future, so I want to give them as many opportunities in their life to do what they want to do.”

Michael Salak, PICU Nurse + DAISY Award Winner, Children’s of Alabama

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