Meet the amazing team bringing happiness + security to patients at Children’s of Alabama

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Children's of Alabama social work team
Meet Kelli, a member of the Children’s of Alabama social work team. (Children’s of Alabama)

When you think of Children’s of Alabama, you may think of the sweet nurses and doctors who bring joy to their patients’ faces. But did you know there’s another team at Children’s that’s making a major impact on the happiness and wellbeing of patients and their families? Meet the Children’s of Alabama Social Work team, then apply for a rewarding career today.

Advocating for children + their families 🤝

Children's of Alabama social work team
This team makes sure that patients + their families are healthy and happy. (Children’s of Alabama)

Did you know March is Social Work Month? The Children’s of Alabama social work team is an integral part of the staff at Children’s. When a patient is admitted to Children’s, their caregivers need support from everyone around them, from nurses to food service workers. The social work team provides essential relief by linking the patient, their family and the hospital staff with the community and available resources.

Whether a family needs help finding a comfortable place to stay nearby or they need assistance as they get ready to leave the hospital, the Children’s of Alabama social work team is there to provide helpful information—all with a cheerful smile.

“Some patients get diagnosed as newborns, and I get to watch them grow. It is really a good feeling to see our patients become successful adults who learn to balance their daily health needs with everyday life. 

Also, I have found that although kids are very resilient, they still need a supportive network to encourage them, and it is extremely rewarding to be a part of that. Often many people don’t realize that even though kids are the patients, social workers work just as closely with their parents and families to ensure they receive the best possible care.”

Kelli Lachowicz, Medical Social Worker, Children’s of Alabama

Each social worker specializes in a specific department. Melissa works in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) with families who are in crisis after trauma. She and the rest of the Children’s of Alabama social work team work to help stabilize the family, process the patient’s prognosis, identify supportive options and work side-by-side with the medical team to establish goals. Meanwhile, Kelli works with the pediatric pulmonary and sleep medicine division, frequently working with the same clients year-over-year to offer support.

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Helping children SHINE ☀️

Melissa Beukelman
Melissa, a member of the Children’s of Alabama social work team who works with the SHINE Clinic. (Children’s of Alabama)

Another important facet of the Children’s of Alabama social work program is the Children’s SHINE Clinic: Support and Help in Nutrition and Exercise. Along with working with the PICU, Melissa contributes time to the SHINE Clinic to assist children who are overweight and help their families establish healthy habits. With childhood obesity being a contributing factor to Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, the SHINE Clinic provides essential support to children.

“I enjoy working for an organization whose sole purpose is the health and happiness of children. It’s an honor to be able to serve our community’s children and the children who visit with us from afar. I chose Children’s of Alabama because every day I get to make a difference in the lives of children in a positive way, and I can’t think of anything better than that.”

Kolera Burrows, Medical Social Worker, Children’s of Alabama

A rewarding job 🌟

Melissa Beukelman
All smiles when you love your job. (Children’s of Alabama)

When you ask anyone on the Children’s of Alabama social work team about their job, you’ll see just how proud they are to work at Alabama’s only freestanding pediatric hospital.

“To help children and families heal and accomplish health goals is very satisfying. Children have a natural wonder and strength that helps them conquer any obstacle. When the right resources are in place, it’s amazing to see them meet or exceed their potential.”

Melissa Beukelman, Medical Social Worker, Children’s of Alabama

For each Children’s of Alabama Medical Social Worker, coming to work every day is a challenge, but it always leads to joy and a sense of pride.

“It’s rewarding knowing that the small part I play in our patients’ and their families’ lives impacts them and their quality of life in such a big way. Every smile, every hug and every crayon picture I receive is simply extra.”

Kolera Burrows, Medical Social Worker, Children’s of Alabama

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