Meet the Children’s of Alabama neurodiagnostics team that makes a big impact every day

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Children's of Alabama neurodiagnostic team
A rewarding career. (Children’s of Alabama)

A lot goes on behind the scenes at Alabama’s only freestanding pediatric hospital, and it’s all vital to making sure that each patient receives the care they deserve. The Children’s of Alabama neurophysiology department helps make children’s lives better, and it often starts with neurodiagnostics. Keep reading to meet the Children’s of Alabama neurodiagnostics team, then find your dream career at Children’s today.

Alabama’s only accredited neurodiagnostics program

Did you know this week is Neurodiagnostic Week? If you’re like me, you may be scratching your head and wondering what exactly a neurodiagnostic program is.

Neurodiagnostic technology involves studying electrical activity in the brain and nervous system in order to properly diagnose and treat everything from nerve damage to cerebral palsy.

“There are multiple aspects to our field. We deal with people with migraines, sleep disorders, epilepsy. For kids that have seizures, it really impacts their day-to-day life.”

Jordyn Smith, neurophysiology technologist, Children’s of Alabama

No day is ever the same for the Children’s of Alabama neurodiagnostics team. From performing EEGs (electroencephalograms, tests that detect electrical activity to help diagnose epilepsy and brain disorders) to studying nerve damage through nerve conduction velocity tests, each Children’s of Alabama neurodiagnostic tech comes into the day ready for anything.

“A lot of our EEGs occur over and over again, so we really get to know our patients because if they do come in and have some form of epilepsy, we follow them and watch them grow. We get to know the family and get attached to the kids, too.”

Jessica Evans, neurodiagnostics technician, Children’s of Alabama

Children’s of Alabama holds the state’s only accredited neurodiagnostics program. That means when pediatric patients go to Children’s, they’re receiving the best of the best care.

Want to find a job that’s rewarding and never the same? Check out the available careers at Children’s of Alabama today.

Meet the Children’s of Alabama neurodiagnostics team

Children's of Alabama neurodiagnostics team
An inside look at the team’s monitoring. (Children’s of Alabama)

Jessica Evans has been working in the Children’s of Alabama neurodiagnostics program for three years, but her neurodiagnostic tech career didn’t begin there—it began when she was just nineteen. Her relative’s spouse asked her to join a neurodiagnostics seminar as a “guinea pig” for their new technologies, and that sparked an interest.

On her nineteenth birthday, she interviewed for a job in neurodiagnostics! She received the best birthday present that day: a career she loves to this day.

For Jessica, Shelia and Jordyn, the impact of their role is clear—with their help, children are able to lead full, happy lives.

“Depending on the situation, you can see the actual results of catching seizures early in life and getting them on the right medicine so they can live as normal a life as possible.”

Jessica Evans, neurodiagnostics technician, Children’s of Alabama

“A great place to work” ❤️

You can touch lives every day here. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

No matter what you’re interested in, Children’s of Alabama has a career for everyone—from neurodiagnostic technicians like Jessica, Shelia and Jordyn to social workers and food service workers, everyone plays a major part in treating some of our state’s youngest (and sweetest) patients.

“Children’s is a really great place to work. They treat their employees right, and the atmosphere is completely different when you walk into a children’s hospital. There’s a cheerful atmosphere with kids laughing.”

Jessica Evans, neurodiagnostics technician, Children’s of Alabama

Plus, it isn’t just the atmosphere—it’s all about the patients the Children’s of Alabama neurodiagnostics team treats.

“When you can help a child, you’re helping the world.”

Shelia Jackson, senior technologist, Children’s of Alabama

Learn more about the Children’s of Alabama neurophysiology program here, then follow them on Instagram and Facebook or visit their website to apply for a job today.


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