9 coconut-inspired drinks in Birmingham

There are multiple coconut and summer flavored drinks to try. (Olivia Moses / Bham Now)

Happy Coconut Day! As THE tropical fruit flavor of the summer, you’ll want to cool off with every delicious sip of coconut drinks in Birmingham. In no particular order, we’ve gathered some mouthwatering drinks you’ll want to try.

1. Gin Colada

drinks in birmingham
Take a sip! (Aimee Castro / Sol Y Luna)

Hop over for a coconut-inspired drink with a royal twist. At Soy Y Luna order a Gin Colada, a floral and fruity drink with London Dry Gina and coconut puree. Cheerio!

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2. Malibu Punch

punch at rojo
It’s called a punch for a reason. (Belinda / Rojo)

Want to feel like Malibu Barbie? Try the Malibu Punch at Rojo, one of the coconutty-est drinks in Birmingham. The flavors of the Malibu Coconut Rum and pineapple will feel like dipping into the California blue waters.

3. Winter Break

cocktail bar drinks in Birmingham
Drinks! (The Paper Doll Bar)

Want a summery drink that will make you feel like you’re relaxing on the sandy coast of your choice? Order Winter Break at Paper Doll. You’ll fall in love with the creamy coconut flavors.

4. Mango Pineapple and Coconut Cream Slush

drinks in birmingham at red cat
Coffee? No, smoothies. (Bham Now)

My go-to smoothie at Red Cat Cafe would definitely be the mango pineapple and coconut cream slush. Not a fan of mango? Try different combinations, they offer summer faves such as peach and strawberry. Make it your own!

5. Paradise City Smoothie

the cashier
Have you tried another coconut-inspired drink from here? (Bham Now)

Add another coconut-inspired smoothie to your “must-try” list. Head to Farm Bowl + Juice Co for the paradise city smoothie—a blend of coconut milk, orange, mango and pineapple. Delish!

6. Tradewinds

Take yourself to the Caribbeans with Queen Park’s Tradewinds, a rum classic. This is one of my personal fave in Birmingham simply for the apricot and coconut blend.

7. Leave No Trace

Birmingham, TrimTab, BirmingFAM
Cheers! (Bham Now)

As one of the best breweries in the city, you’ll want to order the Leave No Trace granola-inspired IPA at TrimTab Brewing. This drink is brewed with coconut milk, sabro and Citra hops. Check on their website to see where you can buy this fruity-licous beverage.

8. Coconuts about you

Frozen Son of a Beach
Frozen drinks make for a perfect summer treat. (Bham Now)

Feeling thirty, flirty and thriving? Grab the Coconuts about you, a cocktail at Ghost Train’s taproom on 1st Ave. Remember that the flavors rotate, so plan a night out downtown soon!

9.  Tiger style

Cheers to the year of the tiger! (Bham Now)

Need a new fruited sour to try this summer? Inspired by the iconic snow cone flavor, Tiger’s Blood, you’ll never want to stop sipping on this strawberry, watermelon and coconut concoction.

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