Cure your blues with these 9 u-pick blueberry farms near Birmingham

u-pick blueberry farm
It’s pickin’ season! (Wadsworth)

In no particular order, we’ve gathered some U-pick blueberry farms near Birmingham. Keep reading to add these farms to your bucket list.

1. K & D Farms

blueberries in a bucket
Yum! (K & D Farms)

The blueberries at K & D Farms are free of pesticides, so you’ll feel amazing about the berries you’re eating. They provide a gallon bucket with plastic lining that you can take out so the bucket can be used by the next customer.

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2. Judy Bee’s Honey and Berry Farm

Birmingham, Alabama, U-Pick, June, Blueberries and Blackberries, Judy Bee’s Honey and Berry Farm
(Judy Bee’s Honey and Berry Farm)

Judy Bee’s u-pick blueberry farm hours vary depending on the berries’ growth. Be sure to call ahead to make sure the blueberries are ripe before you make the trip out. Be patient with nature!

3. The Vogel Farm, LLC

Pick from the Southern Highbush, a blueberry bush with some of the sweetest berries around. The buckets cost $15 a gallon!

4. Sleepy Hollow Blueberry Farm

Grab ’em while they’re ripe. (Sleepy Hollow Blueberry Farm)

Make your trip to Sleepy Hollow Blueberry farm an all-day thing. There are restrooms and shady spots for you to picnic after blueberry picking with the fam. Remember to bring your own bucket!

5. Holmestead Farm

ho Cure your blues with these 9 u-pick blueberry farms near Birmingham
Catch me here in June. (Holmestead Farm)

For a u-pick blueberry farm near Birmingham, Holmestead has some of the best organic fruits in the state. Blueberries will be ready around June 10, so stay updated by following their Facebook.

6. Bagwell Blueberry

hoo Cure your blues with these 9 u-pick blueberry farms near Birmingham
The magic of nature. (Bagwell Blueberry)

At Bagwell u-pick blueberry farm, you’ll want to put off a whole day to experience this mini oasis of berries. There are hiking trails down to a creek for you and your fam to enjoy the fresh berries you just picked!

This farm is dog-friendly, so expect to be greeted by two fluffy friends when visiting.

7. Lyon Blueberry Farm

Stay vibrant. (Lyon Blueberry Farm)

This u-pick blueberry farm is coming to you in early June for all the berry fun. The farm is active, so keep children close farmers will be working!

8. Wadsworth Blueberries

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So many! (Wadsworth Farms)

It’s the season for the blues! Wadsworth u-pick blueberry farm has tons of berries for you to take home to enjoy. Call ahead to make sure the berries are ready.

9. Smith’s Farm

(Smith's Farm)
Blueberries are green before they’re ripe! (Smith’s Farm)

At Smith’s Farm, you can get the freshest blueberries for $2 per pound.

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