Recent college graduates in Birmingham, this one is for you!

BSC 15 Recent college graduates in Birmingham, this one is for you!
Birmingham-Southern’s charming campus. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Recent college graduates in Birmingham, are you ready to flee from the Magic City? You want might want to reconsider that decision. Read more to find out why!

What are the cities ranked on?

Birmingham was ranked on SmartAsset’s list of the best cities for recent college graduates out of the entire country. Last year’s listing ranked Birmingham at #12. Cities achieve their ranking based on three things:

  • Job Score
  • Affordability Score
  • Fun Score

Birmingham has many new restaurants, bars, apartments and businesses for retail and leisure activities, so our ranking should be in the top 10, right?!

The city’s results!

Recent college graduates in Birmingham
The top 10 is the place to be. (Best Cities for New College Graduates / Smart Asset)

Look at that, Birmingham is ranked in the #10 spot! Its official scores were:

  • Job Score: 46.88
  • Affordability Score: 76.47
  • Fun Score: 79.66

For recent college graduates in Birmingham, The Magic City is the place to be. The data says so.

How did Birmingham get this score?

SmartAsset found that our city’s median rent was $631. Shocking right? That made us rank as the fifth-lowest city regarding the cost of living. For a recent college graduate in Birmingham, that rent payment would be a dream.

Due to our delicious restaurants and bars, which have stellar reviews on Yelp, they aided in the ranking of our city. Birmingham’s unemployment rate was also low as it stands at 2.5% by March 2022 according to SmartAsset’s research via U.S. Census Bureau. The city has so many job opportunities, it’s astounding.

College graduates, are you convinced yet?

Birmingham just keeps on growing and glowing in every area possible. Jobs, apartment complexes with amenities to your heart’s desire and all the soul-fulfilling food and drinks one can dream of. Don’t forget places like Breakout Birmingham where memories with your friends live. The Magic City is the place for you!

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