New mural in Birmingham honors Alabama athletes + leaders, including Charles Barkley

birmingham mural
The latest. (Pat Byington / Bham Now)

Local artist Dewon Moton—who you may know from his mural of John Lewis on 4th Avenue North—has recently created a new masterpiece in Birmingham. Located across the Crossplex, Moton’s newest mural pays homage to some of Alabama’s famous athletes and leaders. Keep reading to learn more! 

A new Birmingham mural

A celebration of people. (Pat Byington / Bham Now)

Located across the street from the Birmingham Crossplex on the side of the Shoe Time and Refresh Clothing at the 5 Points West Shopping City, this is Birmingham’s newest mural. Dewon Moton wanted his mural to feature talented Alabama athletes and community leaders in honor of The World Games 2022. On this mural, he artistically experimented with spray cans and vibrant colors, showering the blank wall with his art. 

A few of the people featured in this mural include:

  • Deontay Wilder—professional boxer from Tuscaloosa
  • Brittney Griner—professional basketball player currently being detained by Russian Customs
  • Charles Barkley—former professional basketball player from Leeds
  • Jesse Owens—an American track and field athlete with four Olympic gold medals from Oakville

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More notable Dewon Moton works

Dewon Moton has been perfecting his spray painting skills on the streets of Birmingham. You’ve probably noticed a few of his works when driving around downtown or through Irondale. They have an interesting color blocking, making them highly noticeable works.

Look out for some of these works he’s done:

  • “Win as One” mural off of 2nd Ave S and 22nd Street.
  • Markarios mural—near Five Points—located on the corner of 20th Street South and 10th Avenue South.
  • Irondale Mural on the side of Irondale City Hall.

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