4 reasons Homewood is trending as one of the BEST places to live


Food, drinks + company in Homewood. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Where can you find the comfort of the suburbs mixed with the excitement of a city? Say hello to Homewood—one of the most popular spots to eat, sleep and play in the Greater Birmingham Area. Read on to unveil all the must-knows about this beloved area and why it’d make the perfect home for you. To assist you in your home-buying needs, contact Caliber Home Loans to make it happen.

1. The homes are dreamy

Sweet homes in Homewood. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Everyone has a dream home. I’ll be honest—at least three of mine can be found in Homewood. To find out more about the types of homes available around Homewood, I reached out to local realtor Stacy Flippen from ARC Realty in Homewood. The first thing she told me was the types of houses the area has to offer. While many are single-family homes, they come in a great variety, including:

  • 1920’s Mediteranean + Tudor style
  • Craftsman + Cottage style
  • Newly-built homes

Who makes the ideal Homewood homebuyer?

“Homewood’s prices are a premium right now due to everyone wanting a community feel with walkability and sidewalks to restaurants, shops, and churches. But there is still great value in these homes and new houses popping up everyday!”

Stacy Flippen, Realtor, ARC Realty – Homewood

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2. Housing trends = smart remodels

Beautiful homes with lawns to match. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

At Bham Now, we love to follow the trends, so we were curious to know what’s trending in the area’s houses. The answer—smart remodels.

“We are continuing to see more remodels where people are being smart with the space they are given. Homewood isn’t known for garages, basements and tons of storage so I have noticed how people are using space more effectively. My perspective on why Homewood is such a community and friendly neighborhood is due to the fact that we have to get out of our cars in our driveway rather than a garage. We engage with our neighbors more because of that.”

Stacy Flippen, Realtor, ARC Realty – Homewood

3 . The community is tight

A leisurely visit to any of Homewood’s neighborhoods and you’ll quickly discover an inviting and close community. Residents in the area are often found walking their dogs or visiting a local eatery where everyone knows their name. According to Stacy, many home buyers are currently seeking this close-knit type of community. 

“When you go in the Piggly Wiggly, they all know your name and where your car is parked. You will walk into your home any afternoon and find 15 kids sitting around or playing in the yard.”

Stacy Flippen, Realtor, ARC Realty – Homewood

4. There’s tons of entertainment + more

As a whole, Homewood is a thriving hotspot for families, entertainment and more. When broken down into specific neighborhoods, it gets even better. Three we love are Edgewood, Hollywood and West Homewood. While all give the friendly, everyone-knows-your-name vibe, each neighborhood offers something unique and special. Here’s a look at some places in each area where you can grab a bite to eat, meet new friends and have a good time:


Considered one of Homewood’s most desirable neighborhoods, Edgewood is a mostly single-family residential neighborhood that’s loved for its walkability, older architecture and highly ranked schools. It also includes these top spots:


Another great place to set down roots in Homewood is the Hollywood neighborhood. Located on the east side of Highway 31 with Shades Cahaba Elementary, the area offers cute houses and city walkability.

While the neighborhood is defined by its many houses, a quick venture across the highway via an underground tunnel will lead you to a Mecca of business real estate in the city’s downtown. Here you’ll find unique shops, incredible restaurants and more. Some you’re sure to love include:

West Homewood

In the past few years, West Homewood has experienced a boom in growth. From amazing restaurants to gorgeous parks and more, here are a few local favorites:

Want to take a deeper dive into Homewood’s “secret gems”? If you’re a foodie, you’ll love this!

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