Etc Jewelry & Accessories to expand to West Homewood

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The Etc team in front of their Mountain Brook location. Photo via Etc on Facebook

A local luxury retailer specializing in designer jewelry, accessories and clothing is planning to open their third location in West Homewood’s 186 Building. The upcoming Etc shop, owned & operated by Meg Margjeka, is planning to open their doors this spring.

Etc to open their third location

When it comes to one-of-a-kind jewelry, accessories and more, Etc is one of Birmingham’s favorite destinations. The luxury retailer currently operates two locations: one in Mountain Brook, and one in Aspen, Colorado. Etc features jewelry from some fabulous designers, such as

  • Marla Aaron
  • Spinelli Kilcollin
  • Cathy Waterman
  • Libertine
  • Xirena
  • And more!

Now, owner Meg Margjeka is planning to expand her business to the cute lil neighborhood of West Homewood.

Expansion to West Homewood

Buka’s coming soon to the 186 Building on Oxmoor Road in Homewood. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

This spring, Meg Margjeka will be opening her third location of Etc at the 186 Building in West Homewood. The Margjeka’s are no strangers to the 186 Building—in fact, Meg’s husband Armand announced his plan to launch his new concept, Buka, at the 186 Building.

Armand Margjeka previously owned the beloved Woodlawn Cycle Cafe, which closed in summer 2020.

The duo will be working together on the design of Meg’s newest Etc location, which will be next-door to Buka at the 186 Building.

“I was thrilled that both Meg and Armand choose the 186 Building in West Homewood as they both have shown their respective businesses enhance the neighborhoods that they are apart. I believe both Etc. and Buka will continue to add to the development of West Homewood by providing an exciting walkable destination. Spring 2021 should be an exciting time in West Homewood.”

Adam Thrower, Ignite Properties

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