Connecting with the community tastes better with Seeds Coffee [Video]

Seeds Coffee
Cold brew, anyone? (Seeds Coffee / Facebook)

Birmingham has tons of coffee shops and it’s clear the community loves them—whether you love lattes or cold brews. We spoke with Jeff Huey, the Co-Founder of Seeds Coffee, and he told us all about his passion for coffee making and how Seeds Coffee came to be.

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Let Huey tell you all about his passion for coffee

Check out this video of Huey on our YouTube channel:

What one seed grew to be

Seeds Coffee
Meet Jeff Huey. (Seeds Coffee / Facebook)

Seeds Coffee is a local favorite with a low-key scene and high quality coffee. Seeds was created 10 years ago out of its owner Jeff’s desire to create a business that meets the needs of the community around it.

“The idea of bringing a quality product to Birmingham that celebrated community and enhanced the food and beverage culture of the city is what inspired me to start my business.”

Jeff Huey, Co-Founder, Seeds Coffee Co.

According to Seeds Coffee’s website, coffee is a beverage enjoyed by all types of people and once he began to see how common coffee was in everyday ordinary life, his heart was inspired to dive deeper. When his team of coffee connoisseurs diving further into the coffee realm, they learned that it was one of the top traded goods in all the earth. Finally, Seeds Coffee was born.

Along the way, Huey learn that building a business comes with a few struggles—none that you can’t overcome.

“Business is hard and filled with massive amounts of problems, but staying the course on something you believe in will strengthen your character and resolve.” 

Jeff Huey, Co-Founder, Seeds Coffee Co.

One thing that makes Seeds Coffee different from other shops is that they serve a product that is inspiring while also adding value to the community around us. When asked why he chose West Homewood, Huey said it was pure fate. His future goals with his business is to build sustainability, impact the supply chain and continue to enjoy what he does.

Menu items

Seeds Coffee
Hungry, much? (Seeds Coffee / Facebook)

Seeds Coffee offers a variety of drinks including:

  • Macchiatos
  • Chai lattes
  • Iced coffee

Not really a coffee fan? You can grab breakfast until 11AM. Their breakfast menu items include:

  • Yogurt & Granola Bowls
  • Peanut Butter and Banana Toast
  • Bacon, egg and cheese biscuit

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