Everything you need to know about Daysol Coffee Lab in Helena and its roasting process

Daysol Coffee Lab
Bert and Erin Davis of Daysol Coffee Lab. (Cecilia Wood / Bham Now)

Coffee is a huge part of the Greater Birmingham community. Everyone seems to enjoy its wide variety of brews, blends and flavors. We recently got a chance to speak with Bert Davis, the owner of Daysol Coffee Lab, and learn how the love of coffee changed his life. Keep reading to see what sets Daysol apart and get an up-close look at the coffee roasting process.

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A great way to start the DAYsol

Daysol Coffee Lab
What’s your favorite brew? (Cecilia Wood / Bham Now)

Located in Old Town Helena, Daysol Coffee Lab is a local coffee roasting company that provides well roasted, high-quality coffee. The cool part—it’s roasted in house. Daysol is a roastery and tasting room where customers can sample black coffee, purchase home-brew equipment and grab bags of a few of their favorite blends including:

  • Wanderlust
  • Gratitude
  • Odyssey
  • Colombia decaf
  • Whiskey barrel (limited edition)
  • Midnight

The roastery brings a sense of hometown pride to the coffee-loving community as they ship their coffee all around the country.

“Today we’re shipping out to Billings, Montana; Denver, Colorado; Phoenix, Arizona. And people love that because it (our coffee) is going everywhere. We were even in Roast Magazine and people were very proud that Helena was in this worldwide magazine that goes to 70 different countries.”

Bert Davis, Co-owner, Daysol Coffee Lab

The start of something brew-tiful

Daysol Coffee Lab
Check out their roaster. (Cecilia Wood / Bham Now)

The name Daysol is a combination of its owner’s name Bert Davis (Da) and Peter Solis (Sol)—created by Davis’ wife, Erin. The “Y” is what brought the two together to form Daysol Coffee Lab including Davis’ passion for roasting remarkable coffee. According to Daysol’s website, Davis began roasting coffee in Denver, Colorado in 2015 and founded KI Roasters while working alongside some of the best coffee folks around.

He then moved to The Magic City in May 2019 where he create the brand we know and love today. In addition to roasting flavorful coffee, they are teaching the community about home brewing, what goes into creating quality coffee and plan to bring back their monthly demonstrations that were discontinued due to COVID.

When asked why they chose Helena, Erin said:

“We fell in love with just the feel of the city. It’s a super unique niche in this little pocket—something different than what is around us. We’re not in a typical strip mall. We’re not in a big city, we’re in this perfect little area that reminds me a lot of the small town that we (Erin and Bert) were married. An everybody here is so accepting and loving.”

Erin Davis, Roaster, Daysol Coffee Lab

What makes Daysol Coffee Lab different

Davis and the Daysol team utilize the first two days of the week as roasting days. They purchase high-quality beans to benefit people who purchases their coffee. Erin says it’s beneficial because they use superior product and grow their own coffee plants while producing a superior crop that has more nutritional value.

“There’s so many changes that are happening in the market right now. A lot of the farmers that are out there across the globe don’t have incentive to make really good coffee—they don’t have incentive to grow superior product similar to what it used to be. So we’re benefiting people all across the globe by choosing to use a superior product versus just getting it every day.”

Erin Davis, Roaster, Daysol Coffee Lab
  • Location: 4097A Helena Road, Helena, AL 35080
  • Hours: Wednesday-Friday 9AM-1:30PM | Saturday 8AM-12PM
  • Website | Instagram | Facebook

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