NEW: K & J’s Elegant Pastries coming to Uptown, Spring 2022

K & J's Elegant Pastries
A sweet new addition to Uptown. (K & J’s Elegant Pastries / Instagram)

Big news for all of the sweet tooths in Birmingham—a local favorite bakery, K & J’s Elegant Pastries, is opening a new location in Uptown. We got the inside scoop from Kristal Bryant, the chef behind K & J’s, to find out what you can expect from their new spot.

Welcome to Uptown, K & J’s Elegant Pastries 🍰

K & J's cupcakes
Get ready for delish treats like this, all in walking distance of the BJCC and Protective Stadium. (K & J’s Elegant Pastries / Facebook)

According to an Instagram post from Mayor Woodfin, Uptown is about to get a lot sweeter. K & J’s Elegant Pastries is officially opening its new spot next to Eugene’s Hot Chicken this spring.

“Zebbie is a big part of why we’re here. We used to food truck together at Ross Bridge on Wednesday nights and he told us ‘you would kill it if you were right next to us’. He told us about the space and we inquired about it.”

Kristal Bryant, K & J’s Elegant Pastries, Designer Chef

The Uptown location will officially replace the original Alabaster store. After COVID hit, the smaller space became less functional for social distancing. In the future, Kristal hopes to open another Shelby County location.

What to expect from the Uptown location

Pastry case
One of everything, please. (K & J’s Elegant Pastries / Facebook)

Keep an eye out to see exactly when K & J’s Elegant Pastries’ new location opens. They’ll spend the next few weeks in their Alabaster location before closing those doors and opening their new spot this spring.

The new location will feature:

  • Indoor and outdoor seating
  • Additional dessert options, including crazy sundaes
  • Food options on the menu, such as sandwiches

“I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, so it’s always been my dream to have a store in my hometown. A large portion of our customer base is from Birmingham, so it just makes more sense.”

Kristal Bryant, K & J’s Elegant Pastries, Designer Chef

A guide to Uptown restaurants + bars 👇

(Uptown / Facebook)

With The World Games 2022 quickly approaching, Uptown has been booming with new businesses lately. Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find:

We’re excited to see K & J’s Elegant Pastries join that tasty list!

“We’re looking forward to serving everybody here and hoping that everybody will be able to come to us. We’re super excited about being in a more centralized location.”

Kristal Bryant, K & J’s Elegant Pastries, Designer Chef

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