What is it *really* like to work at Bham Now? (PS: we’re hiring!)

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Join our team! (Matthew Niblett / Bham Now)

Ever wonder what it’s like to work at Bham Now? From tracking down the best Chinese food in the 205 to learning about Birmingham’s rich history and spotlighting local nonprofits, there’s never a dull moment. Today, we’re giving you an inside peek at what really goes down on Morris Avenue, PLUS sharing three exciting opportunities to join our team at Bham Now and our two sister publications, The Bama Buzz and Hville Blast.

5 things you’ll do if you work at Bham Now:

1. Connect with our community in innovative ways

Whether it’s through TikTok comments, Instagram DMs, email or community events, expect to connect to Birminghamians like never before. You’ll meet the “faces” behind some of your favorite businesses, and definitely discover a new favorite or two along the way.

“The best thing about working as Bham Now’s TikTok Manager is connecting to locals through the platform. I’m able to support our local business owners by showcasing their businesses, showing people fun places to check out and seeing how much we all truly have in common through video responses and comments on trendy videos that we all relate to.”

—Tira Davis, TikTok Manager, Bham Now

2. Research and share amazing stories about Birmingham’s history

Have a passion for Birmingham’s history? At Bham Now, you’ll have the chance to take a deep dive into the most interesting parts of our city’s past, present and future. Visit landmarks, development sites and more around town—and don’t forget to grab a few photos!

“I’ve worked for Bham Now for over two years, and no two days are the same. I’ve been able to use my fascination of Alabama and Birmingham history in many of my stories, learning more along the way. Plus, it’s so fun to always be ‘in the know’ regarding upcoming developments in The Magic City.”

—Nathan Watson, Content Producer, Bham Now

3. Give local business owners a platform to share their story

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Collaborating with local biz owners to share their stories. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

At Bham Now, there’s nothing we love more than spotlighting our local businesses. That sometimes looks like sharing Birmingham business updates, highlighting a new opening or rounding up can’t-miss food trucks. Our collaborative relationships with local business owners are treasured.

“The chance to connect with local business owners is one of my favorite parts of my role at Bham Now. We have the unique opportunity to support Birmingham’s growth and development by sharing their stories, and working together to produce high-quality content that showcases our incredible city.”

—Gabi Hembree, Sales Success Manager, Bham Now

4. Attend opening events & share to our network

bham now
Never miss an opening. (Miranda Shaffer / Bham Now)

At Bham Now, we love a good opening. It’s our chance to be on top of the hottest new places opening in town and share with our network to help get the word out.

From restaurants and bars to thrift stores, ice cream shops and everything in between, we’re there.

“As someone who feels major FOMO, working as the Social Media Manager at Bham Now gives me no excuse to miss out on the fun things that happen in Birmingham. We have the opportunity to be in the know about what’s going on in our city—whether we’re attending tasting events at small batch bham or trying the newest restaurants—and I get to take a front seat to see all of it. Plus, I’m forever the go-to person my friends text when they need recommendations on where to eat or hang out!”

—Cecilia Wood, Social Media Manager, Bham Now

5. Find your way in Birmingham

bham now
Discover exciting events & meet new people. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Whether you’re new to town or a Birmingham native, working at Bham Now will introduce you to a number of businesses and neighborhoods you might not have had the opportunity to visit before. You’ll also meet some pretty great people, if we do say so ourselves.

“As someone who recently moved to Birmingham, working at Bham Now has allowed me to connect with the city in ways I never thought I would before. Sometimes I walk into the office and I’m writing about king cake, and the next day I’ll be interviewing a local duck farm. Every day brings a new journey and each one is a gratifying learning experience.  

I believe that everyone in Birmingham has a story to tell and it’s incredible to be a part of the team that shares them.”

—Gabby Gervais, Content Producer, Bham Now

BONUS: Enjoy Bham Now’s company culture

Our office on Historic Morris avenue always has something fun going on. Whether it’s spontaneous ice cream deliveries, annual holiday parties or after work happy hour, no two days are the same.

Oh, and of course we’ve got all the basics covered. Plenty of free snacks, solid Wi-Fi, standing desks, an espresso machine, a lifetime supply of energy drinks aaaaand a motorized scooter for team use.

Work at Bham Now or Hville Blast— Current Openings

Ready to get this party started? See below for our current openings, both at Bham Now and our sister publication in Rocket City, Hville Blast.

Got questions (or an award-winning resume)? Email us: hello@bhamnow.com.

“My position at Hville Blast is exactly the dynamic, modern job opportunity I didn’t even know I was looking for. It’s exciting to be on the leading edge of digital media in Huntsville and comforting to know I have the capable, industrious and endlessly creative Bham Now team to learn from at each and every step. It’s also so rewarding to have a constant reminder of what makes our city so great.”

—Emily Phillips, Content Producer, Hville Blast

To keep up with the team, check out our Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

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