Get a diploma + job experience with this Birmingham high school’s amazing work-study program


Gain incredible experience through HFCR’s work-study program. (Jacob Blakenship / Bham Now)

My least favorite thing about many high school classes was feeling as though I would never use the information I was studying. With Holy Family Cristo Rey’s work-study program (HFCR), you’ll know the skills you’re learning will prepare you for the future because you’ll be in a real-life job setting. Keep reading to learn what HFCR alumni and a corporate partner have to say about this invaluable program for students and why you should enroll.

About HFCR and their work-study program

work-study program
This unique work-study program gives scholars real work experience. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Holy Family Cristo Rey is a Birmingham private high school with a 100% college acceptance rate. With a faculty fully dedicated to the success of its students, and a unique work-study program, these stats are no surprise.

HFCR focuses primarily on helping students from economically-challenged communities prepare for college and life beyond. One of the main ways they do this is through their corporate work-study program.

They partner with over 60 local companies and organizations to match scholars with their perfect fit. To prepare each scholar for their work-study program, HFCR hosts workplace readiness training to teach foundational skills that are transferable to any career.

Here are some more facts about the program:

  • Scholars work one day a week for 7 hours.
  • The work-study program is required for all scholars for all four years (grades 9-12).
  • Scholars receive an average of 1,440 hours or work force experience after four years.
  • The program is completely free.
  • Many scholars end up with summer jobs or internships at their work-study locations.

Hear from past work-study HFCR Alumni

work study
Alumni credit HFCR’s work-study program for helping them on the way to professional success. (Jacob Blakenship / Bham Now)

Meet Keaira Turner, an HFCR alum and current Public Relations Manager of the Birmingham Police Department. She believes her work-study is a big reason why she had the opportunity to land her current job.

“Once I got to college and into my field, I was able to be picked for additional internships because of the experience I developed at my work-study program. It also helped me learn what I would be facing and how to manage expectations early.”

Keaira Turner, HFCR Alumni

Another alum that has her work-study to thank for her current profession is Jaymee Patton. Patton graduated from HFCR in 2014 and participated in a work-study program at UAB School of Nursing for all four years of high school. She has worked there ever since.

“It gave me the opportunity to be a step ahead of most college graduates. My resume and network was already established by the time I was 18 years old.” 

Jaymee Patton, HFCR Alumni

EdFarm is a HFCR partner preparing students for the future

Get hands-on help at EdFarm and set yourself up for future professional success(Jacob Blakenship / Bham Now)

EdFarm is a local educational nonprofit equipping educators and students with innovative tools and strategies that support active learning, and it is one of many corporate partners that HFCR scholars can work for.

For those students interested in coding, EdFarm is the perfect fit. HFCR students get to learn the basics of the Swift programming language through the Everyone Can Code Curriculum. With these skills, interns are then able to take that knowledge and share it with their peers by facilitating virtual code clubs for school districts in the Birmingham area.

Beyond learning the Apple Swift Coding language, here are other skills interns gain at EdFarm:

  • How to create, analyze and summarize Quantitative Data by designing and conducting surveys.
  • How to Document and Analyze Qualitative Data by conducting and transcribing interviews.
  • Develop and pitch a web application.
  • Create a professional, digital iPortfolio that showcases your resume and work experience.
  • Develop an understanding of the working environment at the nonprofit and education sectors. 

“During our internship, students are exposed to many new concepts and technologies. We prepare students for college by expanding their knowledge of digital tools and professional skills, while supporting goal setting and career exploration.”

Candyce Monroe, Learning Programs Manager, EdFarm

Apply today and Become a scholar at HFCR

Holy Family Cristo Rey Catholic School is preparing the next generation. (Jacob Blakenship / Bham Now)

Apply to Holy family Cristo Rey for a chance at an unforgettable high school experience and a work-study that will set you up for success. Applications to HFCR for 2022-2023 are open now, with affordable tuition costs as low as $30/month or $300 for the school year.

For more information, fill out their interest form and talk with faculty and staff to see if HFCR is the right fit for you.

To learn more about Holy Family Cristo Rey, visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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