Holy Family Cristo Rey has a 100% college acceptance rate—apply now for grades 9-12


Holy Family Cristo Rey
Become a student at Holy Family Cristo Rey and start the path to higher education. Photo via Jacob Blakenship for Bham Now.

Imagine a high school experience where you not only feel fully prepared to head into college but get hands-on work experience in the professions you’re interested in before you graduate. If this sounds like something you or someone you know would love, it’s time to take a look at Holy Family Cristo Rey Catholic School (HFCR) in Birmingham. We have all the details on the incredibly unique program HFCR is offering to students plus how you could end up with free freshman tuition.

A little about Holy Family Cristo Rey

Holy Family Cristo Rey Catholic School is preparing the next generation. Photo via Jacob Blakenship for Bham Now

Holy Family Cristo Rey is a unique academic experience that combines a rigorous college preparatory curriculum with a corporate work-study program. They focus primarily on helping students from economically challenged communities prepare for college and beyond.

Besides their work-study program, all scholars actively participate in volunteer and community events. With a graduation requirement of forty hours of community service along with Student Life Organizations like SGA and Student Ambassadors, this not only builds their resume—it helps them learn the importance of helping others in their community.

Meet a current student

Holy Family Cristo Rey
Meet a current student, Alana. Photo via Jacob Blakenship for Bham Now

Nothing gives you better insight into the school experience than talking to a current student. Meet Alana Files, a junior at HFCR high school with big dreams of college, medical school and more. Alana has been a student of HFCR since ninth grade. She says she loves the friendly environment and how invested the teachers are in her education.

Alana’s favorite class is pre-calculus, and she enjoys how the math curriculum is complex but also enjoyable.

“The students in my class have fun solving problems and having challenges. Our teacher is very helpful and he makes sure that we know the material well.”

Alana Files, Holy Family Cristo Rey Student

Alana has big goals of being a doctor, and she already feels well prepared for the academic challenges she will face in college and medical school thanks to her education at HFCR.

“My school has taught me skills such as critical thinking, analysis and communication. My jobs from our corporate work-study program continue to teach me skills like collaboration, and it has enhanced my resilience and adaptation abilities.”

Alana Files, HFCR Student

Beyond academics, Alana is involved in the dance team, and she recently signed up to be a part of the school’s new flag football team.

Hear from a teacher

Holy Family Cristo Rey
Mr. Moode teaches a history class at Holy Family Cristo Rey. Photo via Jacob Blakenship for Bham Now

Mr. Kaleb Moode is a beloved social studies teacher at HFCR. He told us a little about why he loves teaching at this school and what sets it apart.

As a history teacher, Mr. Moode loves the unique approach HFCR takes to teaching students about the past.

“We teach from a perspective that the lives of ordinary people matter and that history should focus on those who too often receive token attention.”

Mr. Moode, HFCR Social Studies Teacher

Traditional history courses emphasize memorization rather than critical thinking skills. HFCR wants its students to think deeply about historical events and approach things with a healthy sense of skepticism.

“By equipping our students with the skills to think critically, they not only will be able to understand the past, but be ready to help improve our future.”

Mr. Moode, HFCR Social Studies Teacher

Why choose this school?

student and teacher
These are students who love to learn. Photo via Jacob Blakenship

Applications to HFCR for 2022-2023 are open as of November 1, with affordable tuition costs as low as $30/month or $300 for the school year. Families that apply in the month of December for their incoming freshman will be entered into a drawing to receive free freshman tuition for the whole year.

Here are just a few of the factors that make HFCR an obvious choice:

  • 100% college acceptance rate
  • Small class size (12:1)
  • Access to free tutoring
  • Valuable work experience
  • On campus social worker and campus minister
  • Staff member dedicated to support Hispanic families

Want to know more? You can register for their next open house on December 7th to learn more about this program.

Read more about Holy Family Cristo Rey Catholic School by going to their website and following them on Facebook and Instagram.

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