How to support Birmingham based startups Prosper + Acclinate™’s new website

Screen Shot 2022 02 03 at 11.52.41 AM How to support Birmingham based startups Prosper + Acclinate™'s new website
Improve you + your family’s health. Photo via Prosper Birmingham’s Facebook

Prosper and Acclinate™, Birmingham community builders, are all about health equity. So to create a smoother path to health and wellness, these two companies partnered to create B-Included, an online website that aims to reduce minority health imbalances. We got an insider look on how the website works, so keep reading.

Standing up for health + wellness

Prosper works with Birmingham businesses to support the city's black community and women. Photo courtesy of Prosper Birmingham. b-included
Prosper works with Birmingham businesses to support the city’s Black community + women. Photo via of Prosper Birmingham.

This online resource wouldn’t be able to exist without the help of Prosper and Acclinate™. They teamed up to create health-related content and improve the well-being of minorities in Birmingham. These companies provide studies that are more diverse and inclusive of all people because many POC are left out of the stats and trials.

So what exactly do these companies do?

  • Acclinate™ is a Birmingham startup that connects people to inclusive resources through engagement and education. They uplift Black voices so they have a safe place to share their stories. Basically, if you need to make an important health decision as a Black person in Jefferson County, they are your go-to contact.
  • Prosper is committed to community engagement. This company is pro-economic growth. Most importantly, Prosper connects Black entrepreneurs with the coaching, capital and connections they need.

It only makes sense for these two companies to partner to help marginalized groups in our city. Let’s stand up for our health, Birmingham!

Join B-Included

B-Included is here to help your health prosper. Photo via Acclinate™

Prosper and Acclinate™ want to increase the people of Jefferson County’s access to equitable health and wellness resources. So, they’ve launched B-Included to build a community of people who want to take control of their health. The site will launch in January 2022, and they’re asking YOU—the community—for feedback

“B-Included is needed to move the needle toward health and wealth, because it is one of very few resources directly engaging communities of color that knows that those communities need.”

Tiffany Whitlow, Cofounder of Acclinate™

If you’re looking for a way to genuinely connect with people like you affected by health issues, then consider B-Included. It’s basically a group chat for you to engage with online community members.

Just some awesome perks for joining

  • Health & Wellness Tracking: stay in the know of the best healthcare providers
  • Prescription Monitoring: you won’t miss a refill!
  • Space to Share Stories: read real stories form REAL people
  • Community Forums: get advice from the community
  • Job & Employment Resources: your go-to to find job opportunities

Overall, they want to improve Birmingham’s needs, wants, dreams and aspirations for maximum health + wellness. 

BONUS: Check out this useful vid they created to help you understand why this site matters.

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