15 Peppermint Drinks to try in Birmingham right now + other Holiday Cocktails

holiday cocktails
Just look at this festive cocktail spread. Photo via Jacob Blakenship for Bham Now

When you think of the most famous flavor of the holiday season, you’ll probably think peppermint. That signature white and red striped candy tastes good in almost any treat and for the adults, it’s even better with booze. Keep reading for 15 Birmingham holiday cocktails, most with peppermint and some without.

1. Peppermint Mocha White Russian—Vino Gallery & Bar

The Peppermint White Russian. Photo via Bham Restaurant Week.

This sweet drink from Vino will taste like Christmas in a cup. Made with Vodka, Kahlua, peppermint schnapps, half and half and a pinch of cocoa powder, it’s the perfect dessert cocktail for peppermint lovers.

2. The Grasshopper—Paper Doll

Birmingham, Paper Doll Bar, drinks, leap day, leap year
Photo via Paper Doll Bar’s Facebook page

This minty, creamy cocktail tastes like a boozy thin mint. Vodka, peppermint tea, creme de cacao, vanilla syrup and cream come together to make this delicious drink.

  • Location: 2320 1st Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203
  • Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 4-11PM I Friday-Saturday 4PM-1AM
  • Website I Facebook I Instagram

3. Evergreen—Paper Doll

Birmingham, Alabama, cocktail bars, cocktail bars in downtown Birmingham, Paper Doll Bar
New Year’s Eve cocktails at Paper Doll Bar taste as beautiful as they look. Photo by Lauren Bedford for Bham Nowďťż

This is the go-to drink for the Andes Mint lovers. Denser than the Grasshopper, the Evergreen cocktail combines vodka, gin, peppermint tea, creme de cacao, vanilla syrup, creole shrub and orange bitters to create a tasty chocolate creation.

4. Frozen Grasshopper—Neon Moon

Neon Moon, mocktails
Frozen Grasshopper and Frozen Kentucky Coffee from Neon Moon. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

Grab an icy mint treat at Neon Moon with the Frozen Grasshopper Cocktail. This bright green drink is sweet, minty and creamy.

5. The Frozen Coquito—Neon Moon

neon moon
The new frozen drink at Neon Moon. Photo via Bham Now

If you’ve never had a coquito, now’s your chance to try it out. This festive drink is a traditional Christmas drink in Peurto Rico that translates to “little coconut.” Its taste is most similar to eggnog but without the eggs and with lots of coconut milk. Neon Moon puts a twist on the classic by serving it frozen.

6. Holiday Punch—Helen

Craft cocktails from Helen are on the agenda. Photo via Helen’s Facebook

Helen is serving up a super unique drink with thier Holiday Punch. This is an original creation made new each week, so you can get something different every week in December. The current concoction is rum, coconut milk, coconut cream, cashews and holiday spices.

7. Jingle Balls Nog—Queen’s Park

Queens Park
Try the new holiday cocktails at Queen’s Park. Photo via Queens Park

Every Christmas Queen’s Park is transformed into Miracle on 34th Street, a winter wonderland complete with dozens of decorations and holiday-themed drinks. If you love eggnog you have to try Queen’s Park’s Jingle Balls Nog. It has all the tasty flavors of classic eggnog but surprise, it’s spiked.

8. Snowball Old-Fashioned—Queen’s Park

holiday cocktails
A childhood twist on a signature drink. Photo via Queens Park

Remember when you were a kid throwing snowballs on a day off from school? Well, maybe not during a typical Birmingham winter, but you get the idea. Now that you’re an adult you’ll still be picking up snowballs this winter, but this time it will be icing down an Old-Fashioned from Queen’s Park.

9. SantaRex—Queen’s Park

Get festive at Queen’s park. Photo via Miranda Shaffer for Bham Now

This cocktail was made for the Instagram feed, coming in a green Santa-hat-wearing T-Rex cup. Featuring tequila, mezcal, melon liqueur, almond and lime, this cocktail will have you saying aloha to summer flavors and escaping the harsh cold.

10. Mexican Hot Chocolate—Pilcrow Cocktail Cellar

pilcrow halloween
Step into the cellar for some holiday cocktails. Photo via Pilcrow Cocktail Cellar

The Mexican Hot Chocolate is back at Pilcrow Cocktail Cellar and is staying until February—yay! Go get a nice spiced cup of spiked hot chocolate to warm you up on a cold day.

11. Peppermint Patty—The FoxHole Lounge at The Fennec

Come into the Fennec and try the new holiday cocktails. Photo via Jacob Blakenship for Bham Now

The FoxHole Lounge at The Fennec is serving some incredible holiday cocktails this season. First up, we have their Peppermint Patty, a creamy minty libation that tastes just like a peppermint patty. It has peppermint schnapps, cocoa bitters and a peppermint stick.

12. Toddy Yoddy Yoddy—The FoxHole Lounge at The Fennec

the fennec
Just a dash of cinnamon. Photo via Jacob Blakenship for Bham Now

If you’re a fan of apple cider you have to try the Toddy Yoddy Yoddy. Sweet apple meets cinnamon spice in this cocktail.

13. Campfire Iced Cocoa—Ruby Sunshine

Ruby Sunshine Birmingham Holiday Food
Time to dive into to some winter specials at Ruby Sunshine. Photo via Ruby Sunshine

If you’re like me and like to drink iced things even when it’s winter, this boozy seasonal beverage is for you. This cinnamon moonshine, cold brew, hot honey, chocolate milk, cinnamon and cayenne concoction is topped off with torched marshmallows.

14. Southern Bourbon Eggnog—Another Broken Egg Cafe

holiday cocktails
Who loves eggnog as a holiday cocktail? I know I do. Photo via Another Broken Egg Cafe

Next time you head to Another Broken Cafe in Mountain Brook, make sure you wash down your brunch with a cold glass of their seasonal Southern Bourbon Eggnog.

15. Pomegranate Mule—North Italia

holiday cocktails
This drink is so pretty. Photo via Miranda Shaffer for Bham Now

This is my favorite drink at North Italia, and its festive colors and flavors make it a great choice for a holiday cocktail.

What are your favorite holiday-flavored cocktails in Birmingham? Let us know by tagging us @bhamnow.

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