#GivingTuesday: Bham ranks among highest for charitable giving in America

Birmingham skyline
Birmingham gives us the most beautiful views. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Just in time for #GivingTuesday, Bham made the list of most charitable cities in the nation. Check out where we ranked and how to keep on giving below.

You get what you give

… And we get a lot of community love. For Birmingham, giving back is a year-round thing. From volunteering to donating, we come together to support those in need.

Just a few months ago, our local United Way of Central Alabama’s (UWCA) Tocqueville Society ranked #1 in the nation for fundraising. Now, we’ve done it again, ranking 10th in the nation among places where residents give the most to charity.

The SmartAsset ranking includes more than 51 areas across the country—that’s a lot of competition. Coming in right above cities like Nashville and Raleigh, this achievement is definitely something to be proud of.

Bringing the ✨ magic✨ 

Our residents donate more of their income to charity than 97% of metros on the list, according to the study. That’s what I call putting the magic in The Magic City.


Give Back, Bham!

We LOVE supporting local. Check out our guide to supporting 200+ Birmingham nonprofits, and to keep the giving going, add your nonprofit organization to the list for free

Get in on the giving action

Even after #GivingTuesday, there are plenty of ways to help out our community:

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