For the Tocqueville Society, it’s all about supporting Birmingham–here’s how


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UWCA members unite for a stronger Birmingham. Photo via United Way of Central Alabama (taken in 2019)

Birmingham shines on “best in the nation” lists, but one of its most impactful honors is its dedication to giving back. The United Way of Central Alabama’s (UWCA) Tocqueville Society beat out other major cities with the most members among all United Ways across the nation. Find out how its members have been making Birmingham brighter for 35 years.

The Tocqueville Society gives back

Meals on Wheels
The Meals on Wheels program is one of the many supported by the Tocqueville Society. Photo via UWCA

Even if you aren’t familiar with this program, you’ve probably seen the amazing impact it has on Birmingham through the many nonprofits they support. The Tocqueville Society consists of more than 800 generous United Way donors who contribute $10,000 or more each year.

In 2020, the charitable society ranked number one for fundraising. With the struggles and hardship that the pandemic caused, funding from United Way helped dozens of nonprofit organizations thrive.

“You’re joining a community of donors. Birmingham is one of the most philanthropic communities in the country and has the largest Tocqueville Society in the country. Philanthropy is so important in our community.”

Kim Rogers, Chair, UWCA Tocqueville Society

United Way is designed for periods of hardship, and its funds support the organizations and programs striving to make those times better for people everywhere. Thanks to contributions from Tocqueville Society members, nonprofits can rely on funds even when in-person donor events are canceled. 

Volunteers leave a legacy in Birmingham

So why is this program so successful? Birmingham is full of community members who want to see the city—and everyone in it—thrive. Each member of the Tocqueville Society is passionate about giving back and supporting the city’s nonprofits.

From raising funds for local nonprofits, such as the YWCA that provides domestic violence services, to being first on the ground to help people after destructive storms, UWCA helps sustain our community.

“Birmingham has a way of elevating and providing full-throated support to really good, kind people.”

Bruce Rogers, Chair, UWCA Tocqueville Society

Extraordinary generosity

UWCA Fultondale
UWCA provided immediate support after tornadoes in Fultondale. Photo via UWCA

Each year, United Way’s Tocqueville Society appoints new chairpersons to lead the group in raising funds. The chairs are responsible for raising $13 million and recruiting 75 to 100 new givers.

United Way works directly with over 80 local nonprofits and agencies, so any money raised goes right back into the six-county Central Alabama region they support, which includes Jefferson, Shelby, Walker, Blount, St. Clair and Chilton counties.

“By donating to United Way, you’re helping at a much higher level. When I give my money, I know that I’m attempting to give to all of the various agencies that are under the umbrella of the United Way.”

J. Mason Davis, Member, Tocqueville Society

Not only does the society stand out because of its contributions, but also because of the generosity of its members.

“There’s not a defining characteristic of Tocqueville members in terms of their personal life, other than that they care and are generous and give to the extent they can.”

Kim Rogers, Chair, UWCA Tocqueville Society

Learn more about United Way of Central Alabama through their website and by following them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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