Enjoy amazing discounts + fun at ATS After Dark—Sunday, Oct. 10


America's Thrift Stores - ATS After Dark
Halloween costumes secured. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Thrifting at America’s Thrift Stores (ATS) just got a whole lot spookier in time for Halloween. If you’re looking for killer deals, fun music and exciting giveaways, you don’t want to miss ATS After Dark on Sunday, October 10. Keep reading for all the deets plus costume inspiration.

Save big + party hard at ATS After Dark, Sunday, Oct. 10 🎉

America's Thrift Stores - ATS After Dark
It’s amazing how much costume inspiration you can find around each corner. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Why save celebrating Halloween for one night? If you’re looking for fun ways to get in the spooky mood all season long, head to America’s Thrift Stores in Alabaster on Sunday, October 10 for ATS After Dark. There will be amazing discounts of 30% off so you can stock up for each costume party to come.

5 costume ideas you can make at the Halloween Hub 🎃

I’ve been a fan of thrifting for Halloween costumes since I was in high school, and America’s Thrift Stores’ Halloween Hub makes it easy. They have categories to make your costume search as simple as can be. Plus, their ATS After Dark event is the perfect reason to buy multiple costumes.

Looking for a little dress-up inspo? Here are four easy combos you can find at America’s Thrift Stores:

  • The “Roaring” 20s: cat ears + flapper dress + vintage heels
  • Pirate of the Caribbean: Hawaiian shirt + pirate sword + straw hat
  • The Grateful Dead: peace necklace + vampire fangs + macramé top
  • The Fairy Godfather: fairy wings + suit jacket + tutu
  • The Masquerade Baller: mask + basketball jersey + cape

10,000+ new items every day 🛍️

As a big fan of thrifting, I can tell you that I’ve never left America’s Thrift Stores empty-handed. If you check out your closest America’s Thrift Stores on Sunday afternoon, you’ll be able to browse brand-new items on Monday.

Whether you’re looking for a budget-conscious way to shop for your family or you prefer to buy secondhand goods, you can’t miss America’s Thrift Stores. Plus, by buying secondhand, you’re making an eco-friendly choice—America’s Thrift Stores saves 50 million pounds of goods going to landfills every year. (Yep, that’s million).

Another bonus of shopping at America’s Thrift Stores is that they partner with Make-A-Wish Alabama. Thrift donations add up to monetary contributions to Make-A-Wish Alabama, and this year, they’re on track to donate over $1 million. They’re Make-A-Wish Alabama’s largest donor, so you can feel proud that every time you’re donating or shopping, you’re a part of the impact.

Will you be heading to America’s Thrift Stores Alabaster’s location for ATS After Dark? Tag @BhamNow and show us your finds!

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