3 Ways to Survive Mercury Retrograde in Birmingham

charm on 2nd mercury retrograde pin
Cosmic warriors, brace yourselves. Mercury retrograde is upon us. Photo by Chaise Sanders for BhamNow.

If you’re into astrology as much as me, you’ve probably dreaded the first Mercury retrograde of the decade. Cosmic warriors, hold on tight because we’re in this together! Here’s your local survival kit to surviving the celestial occurrence in Birmingham.

First Things First—What is Mercury Retrograde? 🤔

Technically speaking, mercury retrograde is when Mercury (the planet of communication) appears to be orbiting backward as viewed from Earth. In reality, it’s an optical illusion caused by differences in planetary orbit. The phenomenon occurs from February 16 to March 9.

Now, the term “Mercury retrograde” is known as a buzzy way of explaining a span of misfortune. Eep! Since Mercury is associated with communication, expect some mishaps during this time. I’m looking at all my fellow millennials and Gen-zers.

Tension at work? Feeling the urge to just throw your phone out the window? Plans falling through the cracks? Miscommunications with family or friends? Got an unexpected text from your ex? Yep, feel free to blame it on Mercury retrograde.

P.S. If you’re a Gemini or Virgo (like me 😎), Mercury is your ruling planet. Mercury retrograde may hit a little harder for you, but I’m here to help you with this rollercoaster ride.

Your Survival Kit to Mercury Retrograde ✨

mercury in retrograde pin from charm on 2nd
Even Charm on 2nd knows what’s up. Photo by Chaise Sanders for BhamNow.

There is no scientific evidence behind the effects of Mercury retrograde but for my astrology lovers, we’re not taking any chances.

1. Avoid major purchases. I’m looking at myself here 👀

Now’s the time to call forth that willpower and say no to big purchases. Showing some love to local thrift shops and consignment sales around Birmingham will do just the trick. Here are a few of my personal faves:

2. Got the itch to travel? Try some short distance road trips around Birmingham

fall drive birmingham 3 Ways to Survive Mercury Retrograde in Birmingham
You won’t see this view on your daily commute, but WOW. Photo via @cotton_state

We all want a break from Birmingham’s unpredictable, fluctuating weather, but Mercury retrograde isn’t very fond of long-distance travel. Can’t resist the itch to travel? Amtrak is a great alternative to personal transportation.

If you don’t want to take any chances with Mercury retrograde, you can hang around Birmingham and the surrounding areas. I’ll definitely be here. It’s the perfect excuse to finally check out Blount County’s covered bridges. Just make sure you don’t test out how many miles your car can go on “E”.

3. Dust your shoulders off and get rid of some steam

Mercury retrograde may throw you for a loop, but all you need is a little TLC to bounce right back. We’re talking self-care for your body, mind and soul. Even the smallest things can make you feel like you’ve got this whole retrograde thing in the bag.

Digital Detox Time!

Put that phone down. Heck! Close all your tabs (after you’re done reading this, of course.) If there’s ever a great time to take a break from electronics and social media… it’s Mercury retrograde.

A Little Sweat Sesh Never Hurt Anyone
wellness 3 Ways to Survive Mercury Retrograde in Birmingham
BHM Wellness Passport wants to help you discover your new favorite workout. Photo via BHM Wellness Passport’s website

Birmingham has truly seen a surge in the exercise studio scene. Whether you’re looking to release some tension or feel more centered, there’s plenty of local studios that offer unique workouts.

Mercury Retrograde Doesn’t Have to Be All Bad. There Are Some Perks Too.

Although this cosmic event may feel like it’s shaking up your world, you don’t have to hide under a rock while the planets get it together. Consider this astrology’s way of reminding us to relax, review and reevaluate. It’s an ideal time to:

  • Be introspective and gain some clarity along the way.
  • Tap into your creativity.
  • Learn to be more intuitive.
  • Change some habits you notice aren’t benefiting you.

Whether you’re fascinated with astrology or a committed skeptic, it never hurts to take a step back from our busy lives and breathe. After this week, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. No texts. No emails. Just exploring the beautiful city I call home.

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