New + expanded trail system in north Shelby County

trail system in shelby co
Cahaba River Park, part of the Shelby County trails. Photo via Shelby County Tourism

Residents and visitors in Shelby County will soon have a new and expanded trail system, which they plan to use for a new trail system in Shelby County. . Earlier this year, the county closed on 750 acres of land running between Dunnavant Valley Road and Bear Creek Road. Excited about more outdoor recreational opportunities? Keep reading to find out more about the trail systems in Shelby County.

More on the new trail system in north Shelby Co

Cahaba Lily
Maybe you’ll spot Cahaba lilies at the new park. Photo by Jim Schmalz for Bham Now

If you have been to the Dunnavant Valley Greenway, you’ll be excited to hear that this new purchase is an expansion of that trail. In the next few months, look for construction along Shelby County 41 and Shelby County 43. Part of the trails system in Shelby County, this new park will bring more visitors and benefit the community by providing an outdoor space, so you can escape back to nature.

During the process, the space known as the Mt. Laurel Organic Garden will become the new trailhead and renamed the Dunnavant Valley Park.

Another part of the trail system in north Shelby County will expand past the Pleasant Site Church entryway. The area will be named Double Oak Park and will also have parking and restrooms. Oak-ay!

Some new perks include:

  • Safe additional parking
  • A new playground
  • 2 pavilions (with restrooms)
  • New trails for running, walking, hiking + biking
  • Potential back-country horseback riding spaces (No-hay!)

“We are a large partner with Oak Mountain State Park, the largest state park in Alabama…we also have a partnership with Cahaba River Park. We’re putting a new amentity in this part of Shelby County. We have opportunties to utilize [these parks] for our residents and tourists. Trails are one of the most beneficial thing you can do for a community.”

Chad Scroggins, Shelby County Manager

New trails await

Oak Mountain State Park
Have you been to Oak Mountain State Park lately? Photo via Bham Now

Did you know Shelby County is one of only two places in the state that has trail-building equipment? The construction on the site started in October. You can expect to see this park open as early as spring 2022!

We love seeing the trail system in Shelby County like Oak Mountain State Park and the Cahaba River Trails grow. So, we’re so excited to see what’s to come of this project.

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